Ik'la's Dancing Serrano-Green Sakurath
Busted PianoEgg
Snapped strings curl aimlessly along the egg's pitted surface, mirroring the lazy loops and slow spirals of the furrows carved in worm-eaten wood. The sharp-edged spattering of chipped ivory and onyx breaks the monotony of mundane, moldering mahogany, dashing helter-skelter in alternating black-and-white arpeggios. Dilapidated, time-worn walnut crumbles into rounded edges, and dusty shavings gather at the stocky base, attesting to eventual disintegration.

Busted Piano Egg can no longer be constrained; gyrating to an urgent inner tempo it explodes into a thousand ivory shards. The hatchling escapes in a flurry of vitality, bombastic sass propelling her debut.

Dancing Serrano-Green Dragonet
Serrano green sweeps the voluminous curves of cheek and chest, also embracing this dragon's broad shoulders, wide-mouthed snout, tight torso, and wire-whip tail. The color's waxy depth turns to sweet-tart lime over her sturdy legs, slender forelimbs, and long, narrow talons — all ten tips glossed with fuchsia up to the nearest knuckle. Lime shimmers again in her abounding wings, evoking an adventurer's cape or a dancer's swirling skirts.

Public Impression Message: Dancing Serrano-Green Dragonet matches her own driving tempo to one Individual heartbeat—Ikaelya's.

Private Impression Message The heat, the noise, the sweat. Your blood pulses in your head, louder and louder. But wait. That pounding: so like a heartbeat, so like a drumbeat,so unlike your own. Suddenly Dancing Serrano-Green Dragonet is there, insistently matching the tempo of her life to yours. »I am Sakurath! Let's dance!«

Name and Theme
Ik'la, for the Fort Weyr Winter 2004 search the eggs have all been described as things you might find a junkyard. We liked Busted Piano Egg for you because it was the most musical one of the clutch, and you, Ik'la, are ever so harper-hearted. The young dragons themselves are patterned on various musical styles.
Music will still be in your character Ik'la's life for sure. We couldn't have her forsake what could have been a heckuva Harpering career for a ho-hum, easy-listening dragon — so she's getting a raver, inspired by electronica and dance music. Picture a club-hopping girl with an incredible body, but no part of it dainty; hear the backbeat going BOOM, BOOM, BOOM; hear short snips of instruments and melody and sultry phrases (not long lyric ballads) slipping in; picture this girl dancing tirelessly, with her hair (that couldn't be the color she was born with, could it?) whipping out, alone or with friends. Now make the girl a dragon, and make the music her mindvoice.

It is the vitality and sheer kinetic thrill of this music that we want your own dragon to portray. More, alt-dance isn't about rules, not at all, and we liked that for you too.Sakurath will be the foil to your own more traditional inclinations, and we hope she will help bring you out of your shyness as well. As a model for Sakurath, we looked to the style of Gwen Stefani, lead singer for the band "No Doubt," because she seemed to us to embody femininity and feminine power and energy. Sakurath's fuchsia talons are an echo of Stefani's once hot-pink hair.

We gave your green girl the name you asked for; we liked it too. Sakurath! It feels strong and bold, with a little edginess to it. It's dry and sharp as rice wine; sweet as cherry blossoms. In fact, Sakura does mean cherry blossom. There is even a folk song that schoolchildren in Pennsylvania (Hi, Gr'ym!) are forced to sing called Sakura Sakura (Find it here: ). We also recognize the Manga character Kinomoto Sakura as a possible source for your suggestion. From and we see that this character is a fourth-grader who likes cheerleading, music (yay!) and rollerblading, and hates math. Your Sakurath is a lot like that, too—she likes the fun things and would just as soon avoid the responsible ones.

Personality —
Sakurath will be confident and fearless from the beginning, often urging you, Ik'la, and her clutchmates on, even to do things which could be considered unsafe by cooler minds. Her medium build is not naturally disposed to be the best at tight turns and weaves, but she'll want to strive for those moves anyway, and will probably achieve them young. She'll admire Zephre's Miyoth for her reckless loop-de-loops. Flying is not the only way Sakurath celebrates her body and her strength. Her walk will swing her shoulders and haunches. Her tail will curl and curl till she falls asleep (with one last shimmy-bump before she settles down.) And speaking of settling down ­ it'll take her ages to get comfortable. A shift here, a shift there ­ she'll decide that that spot is better than this spot ­ and oh no, the first spot was perhaps just a little bit more comfy then here. Then, in her dreams (she'll have doozies — visions of orange mountains, purple clouds, hot pink seas, both of your parents in dresses, and your childhood home upside down), you'll catch her twitching.

She surely loves company, but is rather like the action in a dance bar when it's crowded - she steps on everyone. »Excuse me, coming through, need to get there, are you behind me? No? Okay we'll back track. Wait, the action 's over there - I need to be in front. I need to see!« Work is not really her bag. Sweeps are not really her bag. She's not lazy — she's just not motivated to do what is dull and dutiful. That's where you and your honorable sense of responsibility come in, Ik'la. You'll need to give her boundaries. She may be the girl who never grows up, but you're da mama. Be firm.

It's a give and take relationship, though. You can give her structure and keep her from being too wild, and she will lend you her indomitable confidence and take you on adventures you could never dream of alone. She knows no fear, and she has the wildest sense of fun. Learn from each other and you'll both go far. Literally.

She's got some quirks that are definitely music related. (She probably gets that from mama Lyaseth.) It's that beat again ­ more specifically drums ­ and their BOOM BOOM BOOM. Listen to her heartbeat and you will hear it too. She'll want to live the music, and since you can't make her a gitar, then maybe you could find her something to beat her tail against? But mind the consequences and teach her more about timing than simply keeping the beat. You could be visiting some hold and feel more than an internal pulse: vibrations are knocking all the pictures off the wall. While you're apologizing ("We're very sorry about that, Lady Irate!"), Sakurath will be protesting. »Doesn't that make the keenest sound? Couldn't you just boogie the night away?«

Oh, and about those nights! Poor Sakurath is a little afraid of the dark ­she'll want you to string lots of little glows so that they twinkle and sparkle. She's a party girl at heart, but that party won't really get going until the wee hours. Z'mra's Aragenth and Savarna's Llydyth, also free spirits, may be right in there with her, with Iosha's Jadziath howling her own pecular version of a horn serenade. Oh dear ­ it is three in the morning and the weyr is starting to complain about the noise. »But it's such a great rhythm!« Anything sound oriented she will just love. Hang a wind chime in her couch; she'll set it a-tingling often! Better yet, string bells up her tail. She'll love you for it and everyone will know that Sakurath is in the house!

Young dragons are quite clueless about the complexities of mating, and the actual need to mate may come quite late in Sakurath. But flirting is part of the girly-girl she is; she can hardly help it. That twitchy tail and the swing in her walk will say come-on, even if she isn't aware of it. When mating time does finally come, PAR-TAY! She'll have a fine old time and invite the whole weyr to her high-flying dance. You may feel a little euphoric yourself, as the time approaches. We'll trust your innate good sense to help you keep it all in balance—most of the time.

Physicality — Sakurath is rather voluptuous, somewhat like her golden clutchsister, Llydyth. Her curves are not soft like that, no. She's firm and toned or will be when she's older and grows out of the weyrling fat. That dark green hide with its traces of lime is almost the hunter green you asked for, only a touch brighter, with a waxy sheen of chili peppers. She'll grow to be an average to slightly larger then average sized green; she's no wispy, slight creature. She's firm and full figured. With that, and because of that extra little bounce in her movements, she may be a little bit clumsy unless she pays careful attention. »Oops, sorry, Irusenth. Didn't mean to step on your foot, there. Did I break a talon? Oh, I'm so SORRY

She'll need to eat often, even for a green, as that near-perpetual motion will make her metabolize so quickly. She isn't a bit picky, either. That herdbeast you chop for her while you live in the weyrling barracks is just delicious. And those beasts in the feeding pen are McYummy. She will be fine with fast food, and only go hunting if it seems like fun and all the others are doing it.

Hopefully, you'll learn to sleep when she does, as your waking day (and night!) will be full and active. But she won't want you cranky from lack of sleep, either, so you may be able to persuade her that you need a good night 's rest every so often. Luckily, when she does get to sleep, she sleeps hard and long. Just—not often.

Growing, she'll be the itchiest dragon, and use it as an excuse for not sitting still in weyrling lessons. She'll want you and only you to bathe her frequently. She just doesn't believe anybody else can do it as well as you can. Her wings and claws are her major vanity and you will be hard-pressed to keep up with her demands to keep them just so. Those shimmery-glowing wings of lime have to be oiled frequently, again and again; just by you or maybe a lizard or three. They know how to reach those special spots. But nobody has your special touch.

Sakurath is athletic, powerful, and all about movement. Once she discovers them, she'll be into the more rhythmic forces of nature — falling water, rolling waves, gushing streams, howling winds, raging storms, thunder, racing heartbeats. Calm lakes and ponds will bore her, unless she's over stimulated. Every party girl has to come down sometime.

Mindvoice —
Whether she's urging Ik'la on or smoothing Ik'la out, that backbeat (BOOM BOOM BOOM) will always be there, along with the tingle of synthesized guitar. Visually, the mindvoice will be augmented by splashes of color in bold times, or the delicate pale-pink sprays of cherry blossoms in the quiet times (a nod, there, to the Japanese folk song Sakura).

Her physical voice is as versatile as a synthesizer, so that you never quite know what sounds will come from that deep green throat. She may sound off with a low, gurgling riff, or wail out a raw-edged saxophone solo. She may even croon an acoustic clarinet. She'll change her voice on purpose, too, just for the fun of it.

Of course you will always recognize Sakurath, no matter what she sounds like. Together, you are in harmony. We believe you are up to the challenge of Sakurath, Ik'la. She is a wild-child but you understand responsibility. With your loving guidance she can have her fun and still grow to be a productive member of weyr society, and with her exhilarating influence you can stretch yourself and try all sorts of new and wonderful experiences.

Sire: Byzanth
Dam: Lyaseth
Egg: I'rao
Inspiration: Jules, B'nal, Renna, Gr'ym, and J'fen

We very much hope you like Sakurath, but please understand that this inspiration isn't written in stone! We of the inspiration team know that only you really know your dragon and only you can make your dragon real! Let her change and grow out of anything you do not want to play. She's worth the effort and so are you.

Posted 2004-Mar-6 by Zephre

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