Thaddea's Pippin Apple-Green Selketh

Janus' Annals Egg
Two faces turned, windward and lee: first, shell's stone slicks smooth as if
worn by the sea, stained featureless grey beneath white sprays of salt.
Then alters: knuckles into gritty grain, lichens in copper and olive and
bronze, gnarls with letters scarred black in the rock. Unreadable, these,
now generations old, their lover-cut edges worn coarse and dull; obverse's
pale rime never cuts so deep, but is daily renewed and daily is freed.

Egg Hatch Message:
Janus' Annals Egg splits in twain, roughcut side falling away from
sea-polished gleam. Apple-green glints through the gape, one winghook
splitting the shell fully aside to emerge — freed.

Apple's clean, piquant green plays backdrop to the sun-ripened bloom that
but tinges the fine-boned extremities of muzzle, tail and paw. That ruddy
blush brightens jagged neckridges into burnished striations of copper-scribed
amber, all the better to sculpt the dragonet's light, spring-muscled frame.
Returning green tangs her lustrous hide clear to the tapered tips of spiky,
wide-based wings, while winghooks glint as meaningfully dark as talons'
glossy, seed-black crescents.

Impress Message:
Burning sands, clammy hands, the blunt grip of aching head: not suddenly
but slowly these distance themselves, swept as dross from the clarity of her
— her? — /her/ mind as the pippin-green hatchling's gaze finds yours.
Clean as an apple's first bite, laced with cupric tang, her thoughts meet,
and match, and mingle with your own in utter, endless joy — and you realize

» My name is Selketh! «

Because your favorite apple is the Granny Smith, your Selketh's like this in
some ways — tart, crisp, yet with that refreshing core that can ever
surprise. Not without its flaws, to be sure! but hers tend to be ones that
merely skin the surface, as it were; the quirks are what delve deep within,
what make Selketh unique.

'Pippin' carries twin meanings according to Webster's, both of which we
think are very appropriate:
1: any of numerous apples that have usu. yellow or greenish yellow
skins strongly flushed with red and are used esp. for cooking
2: a highly admired or very admirable person or thing

'Selketh' comes from Selket, the scorpion goddess of Egyptian
mythology, courtesy of Talisen. Selket is the scorpion goddess of fertility
and the underworld, the wife of Ra. She's one of the gour goddess whose
statues were placed around a dead man's sarcophagus in order to guard and
guide them. When Apep participated in an attack against the sun god, Ra, he
was defeated and sent to the underworld, and Selket was given the duty of
guarding him. Because Apep was bound with chains, Selket became known as the
goddess who binds the dead with chains. She's also known as 'Selk', and
then is associated with writing.
There's a secondary reference to 'selkies', the seal-human
shapechangers of Celtic myth as well, and in both, her passionate clarity
wings true.

Physical characteristics:
Selketh's compactly built, light-boned and angular and evenly
muscled; she's neither mushy nor shrivelled, skin-and-bone nor plump — a
perfect pick. Of medium size, she's spring-muscled with tensile strength
rather than brute force; if she were a horse, she'd be a cross between the
fiery steeds of the desert and the practical deftness of the Wild West.
Overall a clean, clear, piquant green, Selketh has the /barest/ tinge of
Siamese-style 'points' flushed to a ruddy bloom; they brighten into an
apple's burnished striations about her neckridges, amber scribed with copper
that's reminiscent of her dam. That's all over the base note of green,
though, which returns to simple clarity in rest of her, though: green,
green, green — spiky, wide-based wings; a not overlong but limber tail;
slight webs between each taloned 'toe' of large, fine-boned paws. Only her
winghooks change hue from that lustrous green, as meaningfully dark as
talons' glossy, seed-back crescents; those hooks may be mostly anachronisms
in modern-day dragonkind, no longer as useful as talons, but they hearken
back to an earlier, more primal age.
At first, Selketh will itch most of all at the soft skin in the
hollows of her elbow-joints, but as she grows that'll shift to the base of
her neckridges. Each and every one, in fact, independently. She's
embarrassingly uncoordinated during her first few months, especially when it
comes to those spiky wings; like a broken rudder, they're constantly throwing
her off balance until she begins to grow into them. There'll be the
occasional growth spurt to further throw things off, but in general, her
passage into physical maturity will be as regular (if not smooth) as the
moons' steady swing.

Voices, mental and physical: after some beginning squeaks, she'll grow into
a clean, clear soprano without a hint of vibrato, not piercing but carrying;
it rampages easily from glissando through marcato into definitive staccato,
without generally worrying about insignificant things like oh, say, a
consistent key. While Selketh somehow manages to be utterly tone-deaf when
it comes to songs she doesn't like, she's still apt to warble along
tunelessly with the best of them (hi, Imbrith!); she'll more likely stay on
pitch during the few varieties she likes, either ale-drinking romps or those
really long, sad, depressing romances where everyone's doomed to the nth
generation. And she can listen to those for hours, which should at least
make sweeprides more entertaining… oh, and Selketh's mental colors are a
tart, fresh, /juicy/ green and fresh-minted copper—her green is alive, not
verdigris, with nothing tarnished about her. 'Member, pots have copper bases
so they conduct heat better, and there's always that allusion to blood…

Characteristically, as favorite foods go (once the dragonets get
past the pre-chopped meat in the barracks and get to feed on their own) it'll
be wherry for this lass, through and through. Selketh's smart and
quick-witted, and likes a chase to prove it; herdbeasts are too stupid and
clumsy for her tastes, and fish aren't nearly substantial — or rewardingly
bloody — enough for her. She's constantly getting feathers caught between
her talons, but hates going swimming to clean them off (although she loves
the water at any other time), and is an expert at coaxing you into picking
the bloody (literally!) things out instead. Be sure to keep your fingernails
Selketh's like an apple (but not Atalanta's golden apple, or
Sleeping Beauty's one-bite-of-appleshe's always /for/ you, not against you)
in another way; she's a cross, of sorts, between a whippersnapper and a
crone (while anything but a hag!), the sort to alternately tell /you/ all
sorts of contradictory aphorisms ('haste makes waste','a stitch in time saves
nine' and whatever she comes up out of her own sweet head), and to be the
sort that you might want to tell them /to/. Sometimes sweet, occasionally
bitter, she has unconditional love for you, of course; she cares, and that's
why she does it.
Moreover, Selketh's /inquisitive/ like no tomorrow, wanting you to
experiment with this and that for her so /she/ can find out, and rather likes
getting other dragonets to do this for her as well. More than many, she
doesn't entirely understand human mores and 'shalt not' 's; she's generally
pretty perspicacious, though, realizing what's going on if not why, and at
least with maturity will become very shrewd about dragon-sense and senses in
general. Though she certainly has her preferences, Selketh simply likes
other dragons, likes being with them and sharing with them, male or female
with utter disregard for color or size — though she's very aware of their
individual aptitudes.
Because you have your serious side too, your dragon has some
capacity for Drama(tm) — she's a willful dragon, persnickety, and all the
world's indeed a stage (complete with costumes!). Think of her as the
director where you never know what she'll stay next; she might seek
perfection through repetition or insist that it be right The First Time, all
depending on her mood. Think of it as if you're rehearsing some serious
play, and the director gets it in her head that you should now pretend to be
trees and commune with the trees because that will help you get into
character (!). So you do, and you feel weird and embarrassed, but … whoa,
it turns out. At least, the /director/ is happy and smiley and thinks you're
doing a great job, and that enthusiasm is infectious (however, one wonders
what the audience will think… Broadway or bust?). Ms. Director Selketh
/isn't/ ordering you about to make herself look good; it's because she thinks
everyone will have a better time if they just get into the spirit, and it'll
make for a cooler presentation, and heck, she's up there Communing along
with you. :) All in it together.
When it comes time to rise, Selketh's generally (that is, except for
the exceptions) refreshingly matter-of-fact about the whole business and not
fussy-flirty at all. She's the type who'd announce to the whole Weyr, »
I'm proddy, so I'm going to rise now « and then go straight to the feeding
pens without bothering to talk to her rider about it (mind you, you'll /feel/
it, awareness gut-deep and more), not because she's thoughtless or
irresponsible, but because satiating atavistic instinct with blood and lust
isn't really such a big deal, after all. Just try explaining that to
Thaddea! But afterward, for during, she'll sweep you /with/ her
but then,
afterward she'll be in /such/ a contagious good mood and possessed of a
remarkably sated glow, it'll make it difficult. Indeed, she'll retain for
the first sevenday or two afterward a lingering extra pleasure at her male's
company, more apt to twine tails and share warmth or shade even than with her
other draconic pals.
In short, Selketh is Thaddea's balm to sooth the rough spots in
life, flexible, forgiving, but quick to slip into her rider's memory and
/remind/ one of what needs to be doing. She's both indulgent and indulging,
possessive and participatory, a deeply invigorating well of love and strength
that may splash you upon occasion, but never, ever run dry.

Name: Talisen
Egg: Arien
Dragon: Arien and Talisen
Inspiration: Arien, Talisen and Kh'rys

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