Nomi ne Cinnamon's Forgotten Angelica Gold

Dragonsfire MOO
Hatched at Fort Weyr, June 9th 2007
Sire: Bronze Pelysheth (M’lantir)
Dam: Gold Zhyraeth (Liette)
Clutchmates: E’th ne Kethlor (Bronze Colchith), L’ton ne Liton (Bronze Ikaroth), Neia ne Neiana (Green Nakiath), Th’deus ne Thaddeus (Bronze Xanth), Z’ane ne Zigane (Green Tzarath).

NPCS Ab’rim (Blue Delimcryth), D’ar (Bronze Rayjanth), N’mai (Green Causriath), S’tia (Estia and Brown Garewath), Bertie (Green Zinxiyiniwith), Evelyn (Green Irenth), N’vel (Brown Xurtanth), N’lan (Brown Neth), Red-haired boy (?) (Green Grielshieth), N’gan (Green Majith)

Cinnamon! Nomi! Congratulations on Impressing at Fort Weyr. We loved you so much, we decided to keep you around for a looong time. From now on, you'll have your very /own/ sidekick who will be with you forever and ever. She may be a little rough around the edges, but that's what'll make the journey worth while. Sidijith is your counter balance…the yin to your yang…the Gabrielle to your Xena! (Or the Xena to Nomi’s Gabrielle, Cinnamon is definitely the side-kick to Sid). She's all yours – we can only hope you'll enjoy her as much as we enjoyed making her!

Hatching Message:
Aurora Borealis Egg suddenly halts all movement with no indication, giving way to that calm before the storm. Motionless, time seems to slow to a crawl as whatever is inside waits for the opportune moment to break free. A crack. Slowly, the jagged line it leaves in its wake starts to form a gap, growing larger and then finally, with a burst of egg shell, Forgotten Angelica Gold Dragonet crawls out from the remains of what was once her cherished private abode.

Impression Message:
Forgotten Angelica Gold Dragonet grows tired of being watched as she suddenly stops her skulking long enough to give those white clad heathens another once over. There's only one female that /must/ be hers. And she knows who it is. Sinking herself lower to the hot sand, she stalks over to a group of nervous looking young girls, circling them as if they were her prey. Sniff. Her dainty wedge shaped head and long neck extend toward one girl, breathing in her scent to make doubly sure this is who she wants. It is. She smells like Cinnamon.

Private Impression Message:
Time seems to stop. Everything seems to blend together in slow motion as only one being remains absolutely clear and profound. All the distress melts away into the blur that surrounds just the gold luster and the sense of self. The sweet aroma of spice and worn leather permeates through the very depths of mind and soul and only then are you brought back by a voice that so angelic is sends a quick chill up your spine. This is real. /She/ is real. « Nomi, I am here. You will never have to be alone ever again. » Time slowly starts to move once again as reality lingers in the distance. « I am yours and you are mine. You may call me Sidijith. »

Forgotten Angelica Gold Dragonet
More yellow than gold, she's daffodils and buttercups that deepen to a richer honey hue along the shadowed swell of her belly. That amber is nearly contained there, touching neither limbs nor tail, but reappearing in a few faded freckles across a dainty muzzle and muscular haunches. It's dandelions that lay their fingers on that slender tail and those luminescent wingsails, painting both in sunshine hues marred only by the white fluff of a few seeds not yet blown away.

Theme Inspiration:
Your dragon's inspiration is strongly influenced by a certain female protagonist in a novel called Archangel by Sharon Shinn. In short: the character's name is Rachel and she's quite a pistol to everyone she comes in contact with…especially to her future husband-to-be Gabriel. She was chosen by a divine entity to become the next Archangel's wife (aka, the 'Angelica'), but, the news did not settle very well with her. She was dragged to the Eyrie (the safe haven where all the angels dwell) against her will, kicking and screaming the entire journey. She's high strung, stubborn, and loves to go against the grain to irritate those she does not like. Your lovely Sidijith carries many of Rachel's fine qualities. J Lucky you!

Name Inspiration:
Sidijith is credited to you! It's quite fitting.

Egg Inspiration:
The Inuit of Hudson Bay have this legend about the Northern Lights:

"The sky is a huge dome of hard material arched over the flat earth. On the outside there is light. In the dome there are a large number of small holes, and through these holes you can see the light from the outside when it is dark. And through these holes the spirits of the dead can pass into the heavenly regions. The way to heaven leads over a narrow bridge which spans an enormous abyss. The spirits that were already in heaven light torches to guide the feet of the new arrivals. These torches are called the northern lights."

There's more here, and a fuzzy picture: - far better pictures out there, but that was all I needed. Rather than mess around with too many colours, I kept with shades of green and then homogenised them all into semi-precious stones, because the colours (and the view, and the experience) are so rich, that's what they remind me of.

Egg Description: Aurora Borealis Egg
Black as ink, dark as night, and smooth as velvet, it's not the darkness that attracts the eye, but the light. For from faint at the ends to bold around its broadest point, this egg is swathed in shimmering sheets of phosphorescent green that seem to glow. Every colour, every shade of green dances dramatically across the surface: emerald, beryl, malachite, jade, with tinges of sapphire and outlines of aquamarine.

Description Inspiration:
Daffodils, buttercups and dandelions all are perfect examples of that yellowy color that makes up the majority of her hide. Rachel, the Angelica in the novel 'Archangel' also has beautiful blonde hair that spiral down toward her waist. That, too, inspired Sidijith's description because in the novel, blonde hair was one of Rachel's most alluring traits. Your dragon will certainly stand out and will merit many compliments on the tone of her hide, simply because it's so lustrous.

What she lacks in size, she makes for with attitude (but that'll be explained in detail a little later on). Yes, Sidijith is a little on the smaller side for a queen and will be approximately 77 feet (24m) long and have a 129 feet (41m) wingspan when she's full grown. At birth, she'll be gangly with legs that seem to always get in the way of her exploration. She'll seem clumsy at times, tripping over herself and fueling her irritation because that's not what she had /planned/ to do. She didn't ask for those legs. No. She didn't ask to be so…graceless.

Never fear, her awkward stage will pass and she'll grow into her long legs. She'll develop a gloriously light, Rukbat kissed yellow color to her hide. More yellowy than gold, she'll certainly stand out amongst the other queens of Fort Weyr. People will be able to immediately recognize her as Nomi's life mate…but, it'll be up to you whether that's a good or bad trait. Sidijith's under belly and legs will tend to be a little more honey colored than the rest of her body, giving her an almost two-toned appearance in the right light.
Throughout her entire life, she'll be dainty and slim for a gold dragon. Proportionately, everything will seem to be balanced evenly.


"Iris" – Goo Goo Dolls

And I'd give up forever to touch you
'Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
'Cause sooner or later it's over
I just don't want to miss you tonight

And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything feels like the movies
Yeah you bleed just to know you're alive

And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

I just want you to know who I am

She goes against the grain whenever possible (which is practically on a daily basis). The best way to get Sidijith to do something is to tell her the exact opposite. For example, if she refuses to permit candidates on the Sands for a routine egg touching, it's best to know how to handle her properly. Ever heard of reverse psychology?

The candidates shouldn't be allowed on the Sands. They're too unpredictable. «

« They /better/ be on the Sands. And they're going to /like/ my offspring. »

Now don't be fooled. She can't always be duped in such a simplistic fashion. It's best to know when and where is a good time to get her to do what you want her to do. Actually, /you/ will have no problem getting her to listen to you…it's everyone else who should be wary. Especially bronze dragons.

« Ingrates. »

See? She always has some sort of snappy come back to apply to any conversation. That is, when she actually feels like speaking to those 'equal' to her rank. She'd much rather chat with the lesser-knowns of the Weyr and would much rather fly Thread high in the sky than lay low because she needs to be protected. Protected. Psh. Not her! She's a courageous warrior queen (or so she thinks) and would much rather lead the wings into battle during Threadfall…which would be amazing /if/ Dragonsfire was experiencing Thread at this time. So, in the mean time, one of Sidijith's favorite activities is listening to heroic stories during times when Thread plagued Pern. She'll be roped into the conversation and will end up yearning for more stories about the silver menace, all while envisioning herself in a heroic battle among the heavens.

All this talk of Thread makes Sidijith seem…unnatural. That's partly correct. She breaks the mold when compared to other gold dragons in Fort Weyr. Having entered Pern with an attitude that screams, 'I didn't /choose/ this life!' she will do everything in her power to buck the system. Everything from flights to her duties as a Senior or Junior queen will seem odious to her. Did she /ask/ to lead the entire Weyr? Did she /ask/ to spend a good portion of her life on the Sands so /other/ unworthy adolescents can bond with her offspring? Never in a million Turns. This is her view on her rank and position. Thus, her point of view often fuels her sour attitude.

She shook her head. "No. I will admit it is an honor, but I decline it. I will not go with you to the Eyrie."

He gave a small, bitter laugh and tossed his hands apart. For a second, she thought she had won. But no. "You may say you are not going," he said. "You may resist. You may hate me, you may hate Jovah. But you are going. You cannot escape your fate…"

She'd much rather be off visiting other parts of Pern with the only person she truly trusts and adores, and that's you, Nomi. You are the only person that'll truly know how to handle her abrupt opinions and this'll be important if you don't want other dragons to be easily offended by her comments and curt responses. Contrary to popular belief, she /does/ have a softer side to her (as shocking as it may seem) but it'll take something dramatic to let her guard down. If she happens to go too far with her remarks and puts someone on the verge of tears, she may lighten up a bit. This might include her walking away from the situation or just remaining silent for the duration of the day. Although she'll rarely admit she was wrong ('stubborn' hardly describes her at times), she will do other things to make up for her behavior…like allow other dragons to sun bathe next to her after having given them the cold shoulder. Or, she'll actually allow candidates on the Sands days before the eggs start to crack. She isn't a constant crone…just six days a week and 80% on Sunday (like a certain brownrider we all know).

Flights. Yes. Pity the males that attempt to court her by whispering sweet nothings and offering their chivalrous sides. When blooding, she'll be messy…almost to the point where onlookers will want to turn away and find the nearest place to toss their cookies. This is all part of her scheme to look more intimidating than she really is. Her size won't be a big help since she's a little daintier than her fellow golds, so, she must make up for it by asserting her power over the herdbeast. After the blooding is complete, she'll normally take to the skies without any warning. Nothing. Not even a piercing bugle to announce her departure. She assumes that the male who is most worthy of her will just /know/ when and how to attain her. Her movements while in the air will be quick and she'll even throw in a few aerial stunts to keep her suitors on their toes. /If/ she happens to have to some feelings toward a particular male chasing her, it won't matter while she's in flight. May the best male win. Emphasis on 'best'.

"At my wedding," she said slowly, "the oracle Josiah talked to me a little about this. The reason the Kiss lights in someone's arm. He said that Yovah is not so much interested in true love as—bloodlines. The children that two people might bear if they are brought together."

Her love for floral arrangements around her weyr will be a complete mystery to practically everyone. This is a quirk that'll never leave her for as long as she lives. Secretly, she adores the scent of flowers. Hence her love for any kind of lush greens around her abode – this will include everything from hanging baskets of flowers to pots of mint plants around her ledge. She'll be very particular about where the plants are placed around the weyr, simply because she wants to be able to experience of their glorious aromas. So, it'll be your job, Nomi, you make sure the plants are delivered to your weyr every other sevenday. That's correct. She'll want them cut fresh and arranged properly. Think this is ludicrous? In actuality, this is one of the few things in life that give her great joy. And if for some strange reason the floral cannot be given to her, she'll want to go somewhere where she can enjoy them. This could be some field she'll want to lay in during Fort's summer months, or, possibly making a day trip to some warmer climate during the winter season so she can get her fill. Think she won't be allowed to leave the Weyr just to go find some wild flowers to enjoy? Heh. Try telling /her/ that.

From her first breath on the Sands, Sidijith has put up a front that's all prickly and tough. Looking beyond her rough exterior, her interior self is brimming with loyalty and honor. Deep down, she'll have strong sense of dedication to her home, Fort Weyr. But will she ever admit this? Shells, no. She'll be too busy with her anti-everything to realize that she'd fight tooth and nail for her Weyr. Don't let her fool you one bit when she claims to be a free spirit. Her roots are firmly planted in the ground.

Sidijith's loyalty to you, Nomi, will always be put first. In her mind, the list of priorities is simple: Nomi, Weyr, Self. She'll always have a comforting phrase for you and even to those who you approve of. Any friend of yours will be (somewhat) a friend of hers since she'll always trust your judge of character. She's your rock. Your best friend. Your partner for life. No matter how much she'll deny her feelings toward anyone and anything, one thing will always remain true… Still waters run deep.

Mind Voice:
Sidijith will have a very unique, very rare type of voice. It'll be compared to few women of our OOC world – two of which are Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Her voice, if she chooses to sing, will hit near impossible notes, which is something /very/ few people get to experience. It's very powerful yet very soothing. Sidijith has a rare type of soprano that is able to reach levels that are considered impossible – especially to those like you and I. Along with her voice is a rather unusual mind scent that lingers after every word she speaks. This is something that you alone will experience until she considers other worthy of conversation. The scent is that of spice (like cinnamon) and worn leather (like weathered saddle). Quite the combo, yes? It certainly is different and it suits her perfectly.

Nomi, she's all yours. J Play her as you see fit as this is only a guideline to the potential RP you will experience. We created her to be as unique as you are, but it's your choice what she molds into. Take Sidijith as you will and most importantly, have fun!

SearchCo: Liette, Sissi, Sia, Jill and Madri
Egg: Aurora Borealis Egg
Egg Desc: Sissi
Dragonet: Forgotten Angelica Gold Dragonet
Description: Sia
Name: Cinnamon
Messages: Jill
Inspiration: Jill
Puppeteer: Jill

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