Southern Boll

It's a Gather! Southern Boll Hold is currently hosting their Summer Gather. ICly there are two whole fields dedicated to the event for visitors to wander through and RP as they will. OOCly there are several booths to interact with including a Barkeep, Garland, and Art Booth which invite guests to post their own creations in hopes of winning the prestigious prize of being used in the Final Feast festivities or other such memorable methods of posterity. There's also a Firelizard Tent where firelizard eggs can be purchased for the price of future RP, as well as the Racetrack where you can enter your own runner and then watch their progress through a series of four races to be held throught the week-long event, culminating in a ceremony to crown the winner.

OOCly there is also an RP contest. The rules and details can be found at: Basically nine stereotypical female personalities have been setup and are offered to anyone interested in playing them for the Gather. Everyone else is invited to vote on their favorite lady in two catagories: description and RP. On Monday (June 30th), at the Final Feast, the winner will be crowned Summer Queen and given the honor of dining with the Holding Family and even dancing with the Lord-Elect Marryn himself.

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