R'sin's Sculpted Leviathan-Bronze Sparneth
Bluebeard Egg
Majestic stone sides rise like castle palisades, and every nook-and-cranny shadow holds innumerable glints and glimmers, scatterings of gold, sapphire, and emerald. Hidden amidst the splendor is a small, nondescript patch, invisible in its plainness yet for that very reason conspicuous—agitating, like an itch. Like a door, it seems to promise greater treasure beyond, or greater horror.

Bluebeard Egg shakes spamodically as cracks expand through the gleam of sapphire and gold to reveal a damp bronze dragonet. Eyes survey the landscape even as he runs forward to explore, wings fanning to dry in the heat of the Sands.

Sculpted Leviathan Bronze Dragonet
Steel's shimmering stamp races down his finely muscled sides, overtones a gleaming complement to the deeply burnished bronze which otherwise characterizes the dragonet's smooth hide. Wide-set orbs are sunken within the elegant wedge-shaped head above his arched neck, the crowning touch of his svelte figure. Liquid bronze shines again from each ridge along the line of his back while his underside, from sculpted chin to narrow, well-formed wings to sinuous tail, is stained an ever-yellowing henna.

Impression Message: Time slows as the firm grip of the confident settles over you. The smooth tone of a cello breaks through your thoughts and the silvered bronze before you proclaims, » Yes, I think you are definately The One.« Giving you only a moment to digest this, he adds, with more grandeur, » My name is Sparneth! «

We needed a commanding name for your dragon, something crisp without being dismissive. Sparneth has some great connotations: Spartacus, a commanding and charismatic leader; 'spurn,' ever a strong emotion if you've ever heard that saying about woman's fury; 'spar,' a one-on-one competition without all the seriousness of a fight. All of these combine to form a name that is perfect for your dragon.
Self-confident? You bet. Suave? Oh, absolutely. A player? Yeah, you've got his number. Devoted to you? Always..but let's check out those golds over there, too. ;-)

That's Sparneth in a nutshell for you. He craves attention, of course, but only the good kind, and is something of a spotlight hog. » Did you see how well I did? Well, I know Ceolath flamed all of those ropes, but /I/ got these over here… . « Should he misperform, or make a mistake, he'll either try to cover it up with bravado in the case of smaller mistakes or go completely silent in the case of larger mistakes. Those larger mistakes will be the time when he'll need you the most, to reassure him that he really is the best, that this was just a fluke, and isn't he the greatest ever, and how much you love him. See, you're the one person who would love him even if he were a total screw-up. Which he's not. He's the best. ;-)

Sparneth works hard to minimize those mistakes though; while he knows that his natural talents are beyond compare, there's no reason to be lazy or squander his gifts. He'll be diligent with his lessons, be sure to get every moment of recommended exercise (and then some!), and pay attention to the advice of older dragons when he's younger. As he matures, he'll be less and less apt to take their advice, since he'll obviously be joining their ranks as one of the Older and Knowledgeable.

He's rather fastidious about his appearance. He insists on regular bathings, oilings, the entire regimen, and especially enjoys it when other people beside his lifemate join in. How else to best convince folks of his natural wonderfulness than by getting up close and personal? ;-)

He doesn't need cosmetics, mind you, but it's important for his natural beauty to shine through at all times. He'll blanch at having to walk through mud. He'll make a remark or two at those who insist on making a mess of their kill. He'll insist on eating before bathing, just to make sure every last trace of his meal is gone from the perfection that is his body.

This isn't to say that Sparneth's a snob. Far from it. He wants /everyone/ to be part of his group. The operative word in that sentence is 'his,' of course. He wants to be the leader, the center of attention. He will not, however, want to be the leader at the expense of another. He's not a bully, it's not 'my way or the highway' with him. He's charismatic, persuasive, a bit of a tease, but never cruel.

Sparneth has a thing for smells: despite his focus on appearance, it's the smell of something that truly defines what that thing is. He enjoys natural fragrances more than anything else, the saltiness of the sea spray, the haze of lavender in spring, the scent of pine in the winter. No scented oils for him. His natural frangance, a pleasant, subtle musk, has to be the one that shines through. You'll notice that he chose you for your smell: it spoke to him more than anything else on the Sands.

Another key foible of Sparneth's in his interest in his home, whether it be the couch in the barracks or his weyr. Just like any chic, hip, cool guy, his home has got to be babe lair, to the nth degree. It must be kept spotlessno true suave hunk of maleness has a dirty bachelor padbut also warm, and welcoming. Perhaps he'll insist on whitewashed walls, but with specially made pillows for his wallow as well. And maybe fresh flowers, or rushes everyno, twice a sevenday. Whatever he decides uponand he will occasionally change the style of his living quarters completely—it won't be bland.

As with any true bachelor, he'll remain one forever, never pledging his 'troth to any single female. His fixed star will only be Ralsin. After all, that's who he's really here for. You see, Sparneth is really impressed with himself, but he's also very impressed with you. Why else would he have picked you out of the crowd? He'll be right there for you at any time; despite the fact that's he's very much the quarterback hero of the high school, he'll be your most ardent cheerleader, egging you on to do whatever it is you like. Or to pursue whoever it is you like. ;-)

Once he matures, of course, Sparneth will have a quite the eye for the ladies, green and gold. If it goes up, he'll chase, and by golly, he'll win! Or at least he'll think he will. When he does, there's a lot of » I knew that I would win. « When he doesn't, well, » Maybe I was too much for her? She probably just made a mistake. Well, the next time, she'll knew who to pick… . «

Unfortunately for shy you, he's fairly obsessed with the idea of progeny. To extend the magnificance that is him to all, you see. ;-) He'll suggest this idea constantly to members of the opposite sex, no doubt to your embarrassment. When he does eventually sire, he'll talk about the resulting clutch as 'his eggs', no doubt to the ire of whichever gold he might catch. And as long as he can remember, he'll take an interest in his spawn. Of course, he could always ask Ralsin for a tally. » R'sin … who are my hatchlings again? « He might even insist that Ralsin write down their names and lifemates just so neither of them forgets.

Now, in addition to being enthralled with the concept of his own progeny, he thinks Ralsin's got somthing inside of him that needs to be shared as well. What could be better than lots of little Ralsins to Impress to his own little Sparneths? The world would be a perfect place. ;-) He'll encourage you in any move you make towards the opposite sex, and might even go out of his way to do a little more than 'encourage'. But he'll never try to make you unhappy, and if your discomfort becomes too much, never fear: he'll agree when you feel you need to retreat. But, his confidence in you will never flag, never fail. You are his perfect match, and since he's perfect, you're perfect. Isn't the logic grand?

Sparneth is long, sinewy, and muscled. He's almost sculpted. He's got stamina, he's got speed. Think of a soccer player. They have to run about five to six miles a game while still being agile enough for all of those moves. He likes to emphasize his size by curling around, and around, and around things. » I circled the rock three times? How really … wonderful. « In his weyr, you'll probably have to get a post for his tail to curl around. It'll be one of his favorite ways to relax after a long day. That, and oiling his itchy spot, right above his eyeridges. No one but you really has the touch for soothing him there. He's very at home with his body, and his movements are smooth and fluid. He's not apt to stumble or tumble, and he's equally comfortable on the ground, in the water, or the air. There's something about the water though that he especially enjoys. Perhaps it's the silky feel of water moving across his hide.

He's a cello, pure and simple. It's melodious, smooth, and just the tone (low but not too deep) for the suave creature that is your lifemate. He tends toward the middle ranges, but his voice will go higher with excitement, and lower with anger.

As a part of the flash of his character, his voice tends to the brighter colors: reds (excitement), oranges (anger), yellows (frustration), and purples (lust), blue (contentment), and greens (amusement).

Sire: Ranjith
Dam: Vyath
Egg: Felassa Dragonet Desc: Adara, Arien, Miafah, Zephre
Dragonet Inspiration: Adara, K'rill, Miafah, Zephre

Note: Please pretend this inspiration was made with plasticine — you can always squish it into some other shape at will! You, and only you, know how to play your lifemate best.

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