Sire and Dam: Gold Tajiath and Bronze Polth
Hatching Date: Monday, August 2, 2004
Theme of Clutch: Hiding Places
Theme of Dragonets: Forces of Nature
Hatchling Name: Desert River Flood Blue Hatchling
Dragon Name: Suranzalth
Clutch Message
Tajiath isn't feeling very generous tonight. She's been on the sands all day preparing the grounds, feeling the push and pull, the muscle-twisting, gut-wrenching urge to Get. It. Over. With. After a brief inspection the recent pile is left to warm each other and she turns to another rift in the diamond-speckled sand to deliver yet another bright and eye-catching grouping.

Tajiath drops Buried Amidst Rubbish Egg.

Tajiath drops Timorous Sheltering Tree Egg. .
Buried Amidst the Rubbish Egg Just like any other, none can possibly see through the shell of the egg. The difference in this from the rest of its kind; rubble. Mounds of garbage seem to cloak the fragile form in its entirety in a wide variation of colors. From a distance, one might even believe that it is in fact an ovular-shaped pile of trash, given the shadows and texture it only appears to have. Is anything even really underneath it all?
Hatch Message Buried Amidst the Rubbish Egg simply cannot hold against the desires of its occupant. A claw punches through one seemingly impenetrable pile of rubble, and from there it’s all down hill for the egg as its occupant tears his way free with all the force of a river at full flood.
Desert River Flood Blue Hatchling Smokey hues mingle with crystal clear blue, like the desert sky shimmering through the heat. He is long, and elegant. Every line is perfectly proportioned, and perfectly muscled. His steel blue shoulders flow like a flood crest out to broad wings. His sides are a mixture of the same crystal blue that coats his refined head and long neck, and murkier shades, roiling with the lines between the color blurring and fading so it looks like the pattern is truly in motion. His tail is long, and just short of being too heavy for him.
Impression Pose (what the audience sees) Desert River Flood Blue Hatchling finishes toying with those left on the sands. Besides he’s found the one he wants. He swaggers up to Woden and regards the lad seriously. Yes, yes, then he nudges the boy. It’s time to start putting his attention where it belongs… namely on the blue.

Impression Message (what you see)
A blast of heat flows through your mind. The bright white light of the desert sun accompanies the heat, then it’s all washed away by a cool blue presence. «Such possibilities! I think you’ll make /quite/ a good assistant, though we are going to have to teach you a thing or two.» There crystalline amusement ripples through the supremely arrogant mental tone, mixing steel with the bright desert hues. «I am Suranzalth, and you are mine, W’on. Now and forever.»
Egg Theme Hiding Places — In the Trash
Name Theme Suranzalth – King of (sur) sky (an) radiance/glow/light (zal) King of Heavenly light. An arrogant name in Ancient Sumarian for your bold and fearless lifemate.
Inspiration Theme Part Sinbad the Sailor, Part Toreador, Part Wild Tartar, Part raging flood, your Suranzalth is a varied tumble of themes to the point where he is himself no more no less.
Mind Voice Hot dessert sand and sun and sky mix with the much cooler tones of the Tigris and the Euphrates. The scents of exotic spices lace through is mental tones, rich honey for sweet words, sharp peppers for mischief. The more mysterious spices of the middle east and forgotten times work their way in when least expected. The faint tang of metal, like well tempered steel with hover in the background, coming to the fore whenever his ire (righteous or otherwise is roused).
Physical Physically, while he is long, he is also well proportioned. He’s just bulky enough to have the classic elegant lines of a ‘textbook’ dragon. While not the most agile of blues, he comes out with a better compromise than most. He has enough staying power and agility to make him formidable in the air, though sometimes he may sacrifice some of either to make himself look simply magestic.

On the ground he is as graceful as in the air. No waddling for him once he reaches his full growth! That would just not /do/. Though with the weight of his tail that grace will be awkward as he grows as it and his legs will ever spring ahead of the rest of him, and just when you and he both think he’s done with /that/ and his body has caught up with the rest of him, the cycle repeats itself.

He’s not quite the fish in water that he is in the air, however, he manages to maintain proper grace and dignity in the water as well. He prefers the fresh water of the lake to the open ocean, as it feels smoother on his hide.

Personality Suranzalth lives up to his name. He is the master of all he serveys, and that isn’t always a good thing as not everyone agrees with him. He is abjectly fearless, or at least seems so, though there are a few things that will shock him out of his reckless abandon.

First he has a /reputation/ to uphold! He is a gentleman when he chooses to be, which is a front he delights in. After all who would suspect the consummate gentleman of mischief making. Unfortunately he’s not anywhere near as subtle as he thinks he is. While he /can/, and usually is, the perfect gentleman. He rarely conceals his pranks well enough to completely avoid detection.

He has his own code of conduct. Never sully a lady’s honor! His temper is quick to rouse over an imagined slight to a lady of any standing (green or gold, human or dragon). Trouble is an old friend he embraces with a whole heart.

He fancies himself a sort of unmasked avenger, righter of wrongs (wheather they were real or not is another question entirely). He is bold and brave… but he does have a gentler side.

For all his dash and bravado, he /is/ a gentleman, and while he’ll rarely make true friends, once his loyalty is given it is absolute. He enjoys the occasional poetics and you may have to put up with him writing the same poem four times (and not necessarily a good poem) because he doesn’t remember his ‘clever’ rhyme.

Rarer still are moods of melancholy, while he never will truly learn to /fear/, he will learn caution, especially the first time one of his pranks or his brash actions wind up causing more than annoyance. He is not intentionally cruel, and that he might have /been/ cruel or just careless with real consequences to someone (not even necessarily to himself), will shake him to his core. While it will not permanently drive him to black moods, it will temper his more brazen moments.

Flights are a time of mixed emotions for him. He’s not much one to stick around more than a single night after the lady is caught… though he’ll ever treat her with courtesy and respect, at least as much as he does anyone. During the flight he takes acrobatics as a challenge and will frequently try and show up the green he is chasing.

Credits Egg: Klari
Hatchling: B’roughs
Hatcher: B’roughs
Messages: B’roughs
Name: B’roughs
Inspiration: B’roughs
Clutchmates R’kan’s (Rylkan) Bronze Chaerath
E'lyce's (Delacy) Green Vittorynth
Velura's Green Glissiereth
Kabrielle’s Gold Niliath

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