T'jano, rider to green Mrrth, Fort Weyr




T'jano and his ladies…

T'jano: Pale green-grey eyes, laughing, betray a cheerful nature that if not for force of habit, might also tend toward frivolity. T'jano's about 6'2, and has the whipcord appearance of the racing runners and the natural grace of one of those creatures. Dark hair, nearly black, falls in waves as the length pulls out what would be curls in shorter-shorn hair, and is usually tied back out of his face. Lean long fingers and tan skin and shadows and angles of feature and lately sporting a moustache, soul-patch and small goatee, T'jano usually conveys a presence of heat and motion and vitality. As the hard labor of Weyrlinghood has waned and spring allows, T'jano has returned to wearing more stylish clothes that flatter his lean figure and compliment his dark coloration and light eyes. Today's fitted silk shirt is tucked into dark riding pants, with well-made boots matching a belt tooled with small dragons forming the word 'Mrrth'. To his belt are secured two knives, a short hand-dagger and a longer, probably symbolic, dueling knife.

Mrrth: A nymph, in form, fey and fine, it is the goddess Calypso's fickle wrath that makes this bantam dragon as dangerous and inconstant as the sea. Her whippy frame liquefies thalassic storms with the weathered luminescence of seaglass, leaving her hide that lovely, charming hue of green within green: frosted glass at the edges, polished smooth at her belly and flanks and broken into shards of warning that 'ridge the agile curve of her neck and back. Seaweed tangles her muzzle with browner greens and sargassum likewise nets three of four legs in knots and snarls of tangled tar-dark shadows. Lighter and clearer, wingsails gleam with the palest silvery green, hued like the sea before the storm: threatening, menacing, and ominous. The lash of her perilous tail is as erratic and unreadable as the flash of raw power lighting every ragged edge of her shattered, fractal gaze.

Yo: (FL as prize from Liette for descs, description by Nomi): Sunshine bright and butter mellow, this firelizard's hues blend the early light of springtime with summer's first fiery blush; colors dawn vivid and luscious, a creamy gold over wedged head and 'knobs gone to orange down the sweep of her spine and uncontrollable length of tail. Her tones brighten to saffron along her oversized arches, a color as bold and brave as her spirit, a spirit now well-settled in her long slender limbs and capacious wings. Citrus spices her sails, bitter zest sweetened to peaches and cream at those pinions and spars in sharp contrast to the blue-tinged shadows that linger the last bit of night along her smoothly rounded frame.


When Toncho and Tejano were called away by Thaddeus from the Family wagons, to assist in rescuing Kezia from the Underground, The wagons were left in the care of another small trading family. Tejano, a young 16, has enjoyed a preview of his own walk-about, stayed for Thaddeus’ trial, for his Impression and afterwards was promised to be apprenticed to the SeaCraft for a turn, to learn that trade, as Toncho is interested in branching out his circuit. The young man lived among the pirates for a good many months, making enemies and his self-taught abilities as a healer the only thing that kept him alive. He arranged a mutiny on the pirate's ship, assisted others in escaping, but was not able to manage to escape himself. Rescued from certain death by the pirate Nokumi (later Vyune), Tejano and she escaped and went hopping all over Pern. First, the Smithhall, then Boll, Ista Hold and Ista and Fort Weyrs. Tejano has a price on his head: 100 marks alive and 50 dead, and at one point in the battles against the pirates, Tejano traded himself for the release of Vyune and Boll Minor, Amarik. Vyune ended up pregnant and their son, Anzan, was born at Ista Hold, but the trio moved to Fort Weyr when Nomi asked Tejano to Stand for Sidijith's clutch. Vyune was Searched by Ikaroth, at Fort, but she chose to leave Tejano and Candidacy, to take her son and return to Ista Hold. Tejano again returned to Fort Weyr to await his time on the Sands, but was asked to assist Th'deus in scouting out a place backwhen fifty turns, to find a place suitable to send back dragons to breed more dragons for the impending predicted return of Threadfall. Twenty turns back, Tejano fell ill with firehead, and Th'deus was forced to find a healer at an isolated Igen camp. There, nursed back to health by the lovely Waebra, Tejano sired another child about whom he did not know until he returned to present time and the connection was made between long-ago Waebra and the fellow Candidate, Waebren.

Sister Taini, son Waebren and Tejano all went backwhen, after the latter two did not Impress at the Hatching; their dragons were evidently waiting on the sands fifty turns in the past. Taini Impressed gold Birgith, W'ren, bronze Gnaedath, and T'jano, green Mrrth. Going *between* at ten months, back to the present time, T'jano and Taini attempted to join the Weyrlings of Fort Weyr from Sidijith's clutch, but hostilities between the Weyrlingmaster and those who timed, effectively isolated the pair so that they eventually sought training at Ista Weyr. T'jano and his sister did eventually graduate, and T'jano continued, for turns, his training as dragonhealer until he was finally inducted into that line of work as a full member. He lives with his weyrmate Thera and her brown Hadamarth at Fort Weyr.

The following is long, spammy, and is taken from Teej's application to Impress over at Ista Weyr. It gives a much better idea of his personality, with excepts taken from various RP logs of the character:


3. How would you sum up your character's personality overall in just one or two words? Conscientiously irrepressible

4. What quirks/hobbies does your character have?

- I will let Teej describe himself, through actions and words…

FLAMBOYANT: Tejano in the Smith’s Hall: There's a yell from the Greatroom. A hollar. Thumping and another yell - blood-curdling, and then Tejano's tenor, raised in theatrical narrative, "And then Tan — he's another of the pirates — came and he had knocked me down —" Sure enough, there is Tejano, having fallen to the floor, "His knife is raised, and coming down at me, and your Smith, he's there, of a sudden, and I see Tan go flying, and I was able to scrabble up, but Smith, he's got the girl and they're racing to the boats — First her, then he got in, and ship is swaying," and so is Tejano, with his hands miming the effects of wind and rain and fierce storm "And the ship hit a reef, and everything fell, the boat swung out and at the last moment, your Smith — he jumps in and away they go." Applause. The small crowd of apprentices and a few journeymen, the kitchen drudges, the kitchen help — they all applaud. Tejano takes a bow.

DARING/PROVOKING: Two scenes here, both on pirate ships…
Aadi, NPC Tan and Tejano:

The wind picks up a little, and Aadi glances up, narrow eyes scanning her rigging in search of necessary adjustments. It looks fine for the moment, and she drops her chin, looking again at Tejano. “Tsk, tsk. Resorting to blackmail so soon? Your brother would be /so/ disappointed,” she croons, sounding as if she’s speaking to a young child. “Hunh, and what would you be willing to do to make sure /I/ say nothing, hmm? Surely you haven’t gotten dirt on me so quickly,” she continues, feigning impressed shock.

“Say what you want.” Tejano offers back. “And which brother?” Tejano winks back. “The murderer, the one with scars or the dead one? —Life’s just this way, Hennie.” Tejano shrugs with another grin blooming on his features. “You take what you are given and make the best of it. You — Talk then. Make life interesting for me.” His grin is more of a challenge. Tan is still sweating, but obviously just doesn’t get Tejano. Or where he comes from. Or what he has to say.

- AND:
Tejano to the pirates, just before he is to be killed:
Of course he has last words! Tejano considers this for a moment, and he nods. “Yes! Yes. I have last words — My words are — I fooled you all. And you can kill me now, but I already won against you. Hah!” The last bit is crowed, “I planned the mutiny on the other ship. I persuaded those there to join. I made sure that the ship was sabatoged. By Faranth,” Tejano calls, “I brought the blasted storm down on it!” And he grins, white teeth flashing as his back is pressed against the mast. “And a bunch of men and women escaped from you. And they know what you look like now. So—Kill me if you like, but you are all dead men and women.”
PROUD: Next pose on previous scene: Tejano adds, "Incidently — my name isn't 'Fats'. It's 'Tejano Barlord' — and you remember that, because if a Barlord marks you, you better wish you're dead."

LYING/WARY: Tejano to Vezdia: "And what have I been doing, or what have I done dishonestly? —And by whose opinion would that be dishonest?" Tejano edges a touch closer to the jungle edge, then slaps at something with wings, that was biting at him. "If I've been dishonest to the honest, then that is criminal to be sure, but what about being dishonest to the dishonest? By one man's mark, I'd be called dishonest. By another, perhaps deemed clever. So," Tejano asks, "Would some woman, randomly encountered in the night, be one who is honest or dishonest?" And armed? Companioned? Championed?

BRAVE: Tejano and the pirate who was going to cut his throat: Tejano had paled. He's a fierce fellow, bouyed by humour and his own odd twist of fate, but having a man press a long curved blade to one's throat… There's a certain finality to that. But Tejano had not closed his eyes. He'd stared at the man, pale cat's-eyes in intent study — as if memorizing his would-be murderer.

FIGHTER: Tejano and NPC Tan, on the pirate’s ship: And then, abruptly, Tan appears back from his task, and comes over to kneel down by Tejano in pretended cameraderie. Several events happen in quick order. Tan claps Tejano on the back with an open hand, "Good job —" the words are to justify the contact, and Tejano reacts instantaneously. An undignified howl, pain, and the youth has turned and launched himself after Tan, who, taken by surprise, stumbles backwards. Whatever Toncho teaches, whatever witnesses saw Thaddeus do in that ring, probably looks something like this. Fluidity and speed meld, so that Tan hasn't a chance, though he tries. His fierce punches, tossed blind, hit only glancing blows; Tejano isn't there, but then the youth returns like a wraith, to continue to beat Tan.

SENSE OF HUMOR: Aadi and Tejano: Aadi rolls her eyes and makes an exasperated noise in the back of her throat. "I'd swat you for that if you weren't healing," she informs him dryly, and then belatedly notices his shaking. "Let me see your wrists," she commands softly, reaching out to see what further damage has been wrought here.
He was tied by them, and evidently didn't take this punishment willingly or without a fight. His wrists show the results of that, though Tejano grins, winks and wiggles his fingers. "You're right. It'd be more fun if you'd slap me when I was healed."

Tejano to Aadi:
"I'm /much/ more fun, healed." Tejano promises, but holds out his hands as bidden. "Are you much more fun, when I'm healed?"

AND, Tejano to Nokumi, while he's chained in the hull of a ship. Teej is trying to get a kiss again: "Won't know," Tejano replies, "Until you try, don't you think?" He chuckles, almost soundless without much emphasis from his mild tenor. "I'm thinking you're an experimenting sort though. Adventerous. Try new things. Anticipate, mediate." His brows quirk, "And kissing me would be a lot more fun than sticking a needle from a sail-mending kit in my flesh, by my reckoning."

MOCKING: Tejano, to his captors, as they are bringing him on deck to kill him: "You're a cheerful bunch." Tejano observes mildly, though he does manage to get to his feet, trying out muscles that haven't been asked to move since a state of sincere soreness was inflicted on them a few days before. "So. I could be telling you a story. Or sing a drinking song. I've a huge repretoire of those. Father was a Harper, you know." He moves forward, trying not to wince much at the blood drawn at his throat, at the jab at his back. A glance again at Nokumi, but Tejano does as bidden, hands put behind his back. "There's one about a tunnel-snake who goes into a tavern and finds himself a woman. You lads might be able to identify with that one."

ADVENTUROUS/SEEKING: Kezia and Tejano, discussing their views on life: Enough? Enough. Tejano is stunned, stares for a long moment at Kezia and then shakes his head slightly. "Really? You are content with … What you have? With the boy, I can see, yes. But the rest — you don't strive for more? More experiences? More sensation? Learning more? Doing more? Being more? All of Pern beckons me, begs me, and I regret only that I cannot do it all, /right/ now. It's balm, though, to know that when I rise tomorrow morning, after filling today and tonight with -all- I might do, that there will be more then. And what I can experience tomorrow maybe will beat today. What I learn, who I touch." He grins. "I guess I see life as a giant Gather buffet, and I only wish I had an even larger appetite, so I could sample even more, even faster, and enjoy every morsel."

Charged with the task of ‘distracting’ their overseer Nokumi while the captives on the ship sabotaged it, Tejano threw himself into the job, tries to lure the girl into a kiss in the crow’s nest. Yes. He likes to kiss. Blame Nomi:

"He'd whip us both, y'know. You fer kissin', me fer bein' deadglow enough ta let ya." With arms folded over her chest, it's clear that anyone who seriously wants to approach Nokumi is going to have to be both determined and persuasive about it. It's equally clear that she would very much like to be approached, to judge by the dart of her tongue across her lips and the hint of flush that darkens gold cheeks to damask.

"And when I'm dead," Tejano exhales in a dramatic sigh, "You'll be there, watching them drop my body over the side of this blasted ship, and you'll be thinking to yourself, 'Blast, but I wish I had kissed him. I wonder,'" Tejano's voice drops silky, and he'll turn his pale regard toward her, "You'll say, 'I wonder what he tastes like.' — But you'll never know. Because I'll already be dead." He edges over just a touch, along the outer edge of the Crow's nest. She could easily edge along the other side, away from him.

Nokumi stands, stock-still and wary like a herdbeast in the dragon's sights, her dark eyes alive and glittering at keen edge she's walking as she sweeps them down Tejano's form with a boldness she never dared below. "I want yer word," and her throaty tone sounds deeper than ever, as if something were caught in it, "yer word a honor that ye'll not try ta disarm me."

There's a moment of silence, then a laugh as the young man's agile mind twists those words around. "Alright, then — I'll give you my word of honor as Tejano Barlord that I'll not try to take your weapons from you." Plural. He's suspecting that there's more than the one he can see. "But I'm hoping to disarm you, 'Kumi." He takes another edged step closer. "I'm hoping you'll be disarmed enough that you'll let me kiss you again, after the first one." Husky tones crept into his voice now, and she has his full attention.

EASYGOING: Kezia and Tejano, in closing: "Tejano Barlord. Tejano, is my name." He has a great smile, feline features and a sense of a genuine, upbeat nature, though his eyes are pale enough to be disconcerting, and the marks of violence on him are so raw, vivid. "Appreciate, you're welcome and I know you didn't. You're doing so much better now, and that's lovely. Besides," Tejano admits with a somewhat abbreviated shrug, "It was actually fun. — For me, anyway. Thadd was terrified - he hates caves. And Toncho took a bad cut in his leg, limped for a good six months after that. So. Well. You have a good day there, Headwoman Kezia and young Pol." The flippant Barlord tosses a quick half-bow her way, before he turns to head toward the ocean once more.

ENDURING: Tejano, locked to the ships ribs after he failed to escape in the mutiny: Well now. There is one very small mercy here. Tejano breaks the mold out of which most of the Barlord males are made - he has neither the temper nor claustrophobia that afflict his elder brothers. Unfortunately, with this line, spending time in manacles seems to be a destiny conferred congenitally, rather than by environment. This being Tejano's first time, he sits concentrating on how he might possibly bring one hand within the reach of the other, and if this is possible, trying to creatively assess where he might find something with which he could pick the locks. This activity, dull and hopeless as it seems, is a welcome distraction from just sitting and aching. The brutality with which he was brought down throbs in neck and shoulders, and the couple of bumps on his head that knocked him briefly out. Hearing the steps, Tejano lifts his regard to the sound, cat's eyes darker, reflecting only jagged touches of light that might fall upon them.

OUTRAGEOUS: Tejano, trying to get past Qi, who is blocking him, the first time they ran into one another: The door opens and somehow Tejano doesn't look exactly as sheepish as he should. "Wrong door." Tejano informs Qi, who is /right/ there. There's a moment of calculating interest in the green-eyed man's expression, before he steps into Qi with the fluidity of a feline, adreneline apparently lubricating the stiffness of muscle and whip-torn hide hidden under his shirt. "I realize we haven't met and all, but if you're into the action," Tejano's hand snaps forward to try to catch Qi's chin. If successful, he'll follow that hand in with his head, and plant a light kiss on the other man's cheek, before dropping immediately to try to step past the other man.

LOYAL: Tejano to Cinnamon, when Cinnamon was expressing disbelief that Thadd was going to Stand as a Candidate: "Why? Why is it wrong?" Tejano looks sharply over, his expression truely curious. "Thaddeus isn't mean. He's a little uptight about what's right and what's wrong. I mean, after we got Kezia out, *I* would have just high-tailed it out of there and not come back. He had to go and turn himself in." Tejano shakes his head at such a ridiculous notion. "But he's not /mean/. He's…" Tejano thinks of how to describe his middle brother, "Well, he /does/ have a mean temper. But he's never hit me when he was mad at me. And," Tejano grins, "I've gotten him pretty mad at me. He's hit me when — well, when I've messed up. And," his features fall for a moment, "He really does love Madri. Maybe the dragon … Made a mistake." At that, for a split second, a sincere regret passes over Tejano's features. "I hope not. And," Teej will focus his attention on you for a second, "He's not old. Not even 21 Turns. Toncho, he's 35 Turns. And I'm 15."

Tejano, to Vezdia, regarding Nokumi: But he grins and tilts his head, running back. "Uncle was Jerran. The bosun of the ship, but he pretty much ran everything because the Captain was always drunk, when there was wine to be had. —And I'm telling you all this, because we need someone to vouch for 'Kumi. The minute she's recognized…" He shakes his head. "And that's not right. She was doing what she had to, like the rest of us." Except many of 'the rest of us' didn't try to capture more prisoners. "And she cooperated, nay /helped/ us mutiny and escape. Without her, your Smith wouldn't be back either." Of course, without her, your Smith wouldn't have been captured in the first place.

CUNNING: Tejano, to R’ish: He laughs and grins. "Actually," he pats an odd bulge within his padded shirt, "I've four more in here. Only two are mine. They're not quite hardened yet. If they hatch… Then I sure hope one is a bronze. Or a brown." The look is purely conspiratorial, feline-green eyes slanting with a grin, "And those Bitrans and High Reachers — they'll pay well, for one of /her/ eggs, I think. And if Thadd's little blue is as useful as it is, I imagine that she'll be so much better. She's already smarter than his blue." This, of course, is truth; not only is Bo Blue blue, but blue-out-of-green, and therefore right on the edge of the shallowest end of the firelizard gene pool. "Now then, you were a Trader? And now you're a rider? How did you get yourself Searched? —I can't believe Thadd did, and I can't seem to. Runners like me better. I have a gold firelizard. Even canines and felines like me better than him. But /he/ got Searched. He says it's only because it was Elsveth. And Madri."

SENSUAL: Cinnamon and Tejano, practicing kissing: Mmmmmn-nice. Tejano likes. And he's the sort of instinctive sensual creature that will, likely, make him a danger to men and women both, in just a few turns. What he likes, he wants more of. But first a finger lightly jabbing into her stomach, and his lips, breath light against hers, "Don't be talking." Tongue tastes those flavors, teasing, lightly, and his other hand will come up, fingers stringing through her hair, "Unless," murmured now with a huskiness that /he/ won't even notice, "You'll be wanting to tell me how wonderful I am. I'll listen to that. Otherwise," spoken hastily, laughing eyes, "Shut up and kiss."

INSOMNIAC: No real pose for this, except the fact that he’s always up, always out. He’s a night-wanderer, energy driving him both day and night.

OPPORTUNIST/TRADER: Tejano with Nomi: "And no. Don't wake the dragon up, Cinni. She's lovely though. You must be so proud. And your aunt must be so proud. Guess Thadd can tell our parents now about that whole killing Victor thing, since it's had a happy ending." Tejano's smile is picture perfect, goes well with the pale-green cat's eyes and fine features that he, alone of the boys, inherited. His hair, as well, dark and curley, would be the envy of many a straight-haired lass. "And maybe when she's older, you can take me for a ride, so I can say I flew a queen dragon." His wink is outrageous, and the snicker as well, quick.

Then it comes, after the suitable tarry. Tejano pulls out a pouch and nimble fingers catch up a chain within that pouch. Dawn's gold chain, twinkling lovely, riding itself over the edge of the leather pouch. At the end, finally brought to sight, is an egg shard. Just a small piece — utterly suitable for wearing without being gaudy, with the back end also dipped into gold so as to hold it together, give it some substance. A window is left open and is covered with a glassy-like substance, or perhaps glass itself, so that the lovely view of the delicate colors of a representative piece of the Aurora's egg is laid open to the eye. "The runner, and a turn's care here at the Weyr - and you can ride her until you can ride your dragon — for this." He doesn't bother to say it's Sid's egg. So obvious, that.

TALKATIVE: Tejano to R’ish: "Brown? Ah." Like he'd be disappointed. "I love the greens and blues. And yeah, Toncho's a good fellow. A bit…Heavy-handed, though, I'd say." Tejano, having been on the recieving end of that heavy hand, a few times, can attest. "And what's your dragon's name?" Can you say 'ADHD', R'ish? Tejano grins, and shakes his head, "Evidently, had him digging holes for the whole night through. Thadd's so mad he said he's going to put B'real's teeth down his throat next time B'real comes into the stables. And Toncho said that if Thadd puts B'real's teeth down /his/ throat, then Toncho'll add a broken arm into the mix too." The three brothers must have fascinating conversations. Tejano reaches his arm up and intercepts the little gold firelizard who lands there, her tail wrapping securely down. Seems the firelizard's temperment matches the sunny disposition of her friend. Tejano grins up at R'ish. "Thadd takes things very seriously. He's a," his expression pulls down to mock-somber, "Very serious guy."

GROUNDED: From when Tejano and Qi first met:
A black hole of emptiness meets Tejano's enthusiasm in all that he mentioned about search, candidacy, hatchings. Qiluin merely hisses in almost a whisper as he comes close to the other young man, "Trust me. Stand once, get left, and it's bad. Stand twice, get left, and you know what disappointment truly is." There is a long pause as he bends to inspect the wounds, deft fingers gently prodding. The whisper is knocked down, and he imparts, "A father's dissatisfaction can only serve to make it better," irony thick.

"Different world, mate. At least you were left /standing/ afterwards," Tejano remains tense under the other's gentle fingers, that part of his wariness showing through. "I've seen more good men and women die in the past three months - painfully, wrongly, mutilated and screaming until they could not make sounds anymore — that I'll welcome the experiences of life, even if they don't go the way I want them to go."

--—-And another, from the escape from Jerran — present are Tejano, Vyune and Qiluin:

Off they go, the brown bracing his haunches before he dashes straight up into the sky, leagues away from the men and masses who dwell beneath. Qiluin wraps his protective arms around Tejano's prize, his whole body vibrating with adrenaline. The wind whips through his black hair and words as he shouts back to Tejano, "And you said /I/ had issues!" the following chuckle torn from his lips as they jump *between* to god knows where; there was no time to tell the brownrider a destination.

"-Issues- and -problems- are different." Tejano will reply as *between* breaks their hold on the set of them. "We have /problems/. We deal with them. -Issues-, is when you don't really /have problems/," Tejano's grip on Qi is tight, "But you create them, so you have something to try to deal with.". Life according to Tejano.

7. Is there a particular actor/character/thing that inspired your character? If so, in what ways?

First, Tejano has always been intended as the odd man out of the brothers. He is comic relief. He is the Anti-Thaddeus. Tejano isn’t quite /irresponsible/, but he can go about fulfilling his responsibilities while seeming to be utterly frivolous demeanor. He is a cat, feline-grace and hedonistic and out to get the most that he can out of whatever situation he’s put into. He has lots of casual friends and is capable of long-term friendships, but they are not as common. Tejano has no problems making enemies, doesn’t particularly care what others think of him, he /is/ and enjoys himself first and foremost. He is not particularly jealous, possessive nor covetous.

Two characters that I think of often, when playing Teej are Peter Pan and Philippe Gaston, ‘The Mouse’ – the young thief from Ladyhawke.
Tejano is Peter Pan in his abilities, in his feral nature, in his wildness that lurk beneath equal measures of playfulness and cheer. He has Peter Pan’s energy, his thirst for adventure, his fearlessness and often, his trickster nature. He is clever, daring and tasks risks as if there are no consequences.

From the Rescue of Kezia: Now, the sounds of metal clanging on metal; those who left their chambers have come to Scooters aid, and have brought bigger weapons. There's yelling now, echoing chaoticly through the tunnels. The girl runs right by Tejano, who sees her go, and, under his breath, murmurs, "Whooooosh!", or something along those lines. The lad then grins, pulls /his/ long knife from its sheath, and heads -toward- the sound of combat.

He is like Phillipe Gaston in that Tejano is clever, resourceful and thinking. He also has a sense of decency and right-and-wrong, though he doesn’t always act on it (one of my favorite lines from that movie is when Phillipe has promised to God that he’ll never steal again, if he can only get free of the sewers, and then he’s plunged down a tunnel and lands in the moat, near where a guard slumbers, and he cuts the man’s purse, murmuring, “I know I promised, Lord, but I know too, that YOU know, that I’m a weak-willed person…”). Tejano was all about not only escaping, but in helping as many as he could, garner a better situation on the ship – and it looks like I didn’t log that one, drat-it-all!

And unlike Peter Pan, Tejano will learn from his mistakes:

Tejano and Vyune at Ista’s Clutching: The gold firelizard who had been happily flirting dances back into the air and swirls her way into the gallery proper, taking a high post. Her survey cants across the assembled. And it doesn't take long; Yo spies Jerran and Tejano stiffens noticably, his eyes shutting as his grip on Vyune tightens as well. "If we get separated, go back to that spot at the Weyr, that I showed you, Vy. I'll come. As soon as this is over… We'll try to get out. But as long as we're /here/, he can't…" Tejano hopes. "And to answer your earlier question: No. This wasn't a good idea."

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