Taini is the daughter of Barlord traders Tessas and Tanav. She has five siblings, four brothers and one twin sister (who is now actually roughly nine months younger than she is, due to the timing TP). Toncho, Trinculo, Thaddeus (Th'deus) and Tejano (T'jano) are her brothers, and Tahira (Sparrow) is her 'twin' sister. They have pretty much accepted Aadi into their family. She moved around a lot until her brother Th'deus became Weyrleader. She then did some odd jobs, like laundry and such, until she was appointed Assistant Candidate Coordinator / Assistant Steward.

After the hatching here, she was sent back in time with the remaining candidates to see if they would Impress in that time period. She went back with the second group; they were thought lost, and didn't arrive until 6 months later, roughly a day or so before one of the earliest hatchings. Everyone was surprised and relieved to see them, and adding to everyone's surprise, both Taini and Tejano (now T'jano) Impressed in that clutch. Ten months later, T'jano decided to go home, and invited Birgith and Taini to come along. Tai did so rather grudgingly, and it caused a terrible stir on both sides of the time gap.
Taini graduated, her gold has risen, and L'ton's Ikaroth caught. Before the flight, however, she went to Southern Boll to visit her sister-in-law and nephew, and ran into Amarik, Lord-Elect Marryn's younger brother. The two had been conversing for awhile off and on, but with Taini in the frame of mind she was, she took Amarik back to the weyr with her, and the two have been connected since then. This has caused no small amount of trouble in both areas. However, both have decided it is something worth fighting for. Sometimes, even literally.

Taini took offense at something Lord Marryn said, so she fumed about it. Because of the close connection the two lovers share, Birgith's emotions (which most usually mirror Tai's own), were picked up on by the younger sibling. He came over, calmed Tai down, and then headed back to Boll where he slugged his brother in the jaw. Then, they talked things through, and Marryn and Tai did the same at Boll's Gather. Now, things are mostly copacetic.

Birgith finally clutched, and the total was 23 eggs. Tai spent most of the time at the Weyr, though she did spend plenty of time at Boll for the Gather.

When the Gather was in full swing, Tai was extremely conscious of things going well, as she wanted everything to be just right when she met the Lady Boll. Instead, there was a brawl, and Tai got upset at her brothers' involvement. However, she did run into her second-eldest brother, Trinculo, who had been gone from the family for Turns. He saw her at a bad time, though. She slapped the Istan Bronzerider Q'luin, for insulting and insinuating things. This made her think a little, and she realized she wasn't mad at Qi, but at her brothers and Marryn. She talked it out with Amarik and Marryn, but didn't get the chance to do so with Thadd and Teej.

When Marryn threw T'jano and Aodien and Iona in jail, W'ren asked for her help to break Teej out. Tai refused, feeling like there was some reason they were there. This caused an extremely heated argument between Taini and Amarik. The younger Bollian saw the other side of the argument, seeing how irrational Marryn had been acting, and thinking this was part of it. The pair did not make up, and Amarik went on his trip with the two still at odds—making his claim of going camping with her null when Tai asked Marryn where Rik was.

Birgith had tried to contact him, as she'd done before when the relationship was in better straits, and has gotten no response. Taini worried about it.

Recently, Tessas, who has been having trouble with her memory and perceptions, wandered off, and Tai was dispatched to Boll to try to find her. She spent several Sevens without luck, and finally enlisted the help of a barmaid who looked familiar to both Taini and T'jano. Sparrow, who had been taken by pirates and spent a lot of time with them, found the Barlord matriarch in Boll's jungles, talking to a mango tree, believing it to be her spouse. And in return, Tessas found Sparrow. She recognized her youngest daughter, Tahira. This was presented to Taini, whose dragon told the riders of the family.

Shortly after her mother was found, Taini was helping care for her when Birgith alerted her to a call for help from Amarik. Rik had been drugged, bound and gagged and left to die in a cave in Nerat. Taini rescued him, and they rushed home to help foil a plot against Marryn's life.

Because of that, and because of the ample time to think, the two lovers made up quickly. Taini remained at Boll to care for Tessas, and in the process, she and Rik have decided to conceive a child. The myriad attempts were eventually successful,and Taini awaits the birth of her first child. She is at least a third of the way through the pregnancy, and for the middle portion, when she is allowed to :between:, she has been commuting to Boll.

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