Name ~~

Her name means "crown", so chosen for her regal qualities, although she does not always maintain the demeanor of someone who wears a crown.
Pronounced 'tah-szhee-ath'….. 'tahszh' or 'tah-szhee'… for short.

~~ Egg Description ~~

Universe of the Four Gods Egg
Gilt gleams luminously at eggshell's rim, hints at a strange excitement of what might lie within: innocent's glitter and gold leaf emblazoned with phoenix-fire red in smouldering backdrop, ember's glow shining tenacious hope. The shell has a ripple within the pattern upon its surface like the rustle of unfurling parchment, its seeming fragility covered with dark etchings like ancient calligraphy appearing line by line, composed in incantation. All unassuming the egg looks — though steeped in ominous mystery that threatens to consume and draw its watcher elsewhere.

~~ Hatch Message ~~

Vibrations seem to quiver through Universe of the Four Gods Egg, gilt leaf curling and cracking as the movement becomes more violent. The ripple down shell's surface seems to move, weaving and undulating as a crack appears — widens — becoming a canyon between the two sides of the egg, molten fire glinting from within. Indeed, there is more than hope in that quick glimpse, and the promise is made truth in one gleaming instance as the shell bursts into a myrriad of golden shards; what was once mysterious is made very clear as Enchanting Aes Sedai Gold Dragonet unfurls her wings in flaming glory.

~~ Hatchling ~~

Enchanted Aes Sedai Gold Dragonet
Firelight's golden hues glint smokily from the sleek hide of this compact queen, flickering across ash-swept neckridges and bronze-kissed withers in waves of shifting colours, and finally down haunches and forelimbs to the gloam of swiftly hidden talons. Flames leap high upon delicate wingsails veined in rivulets of molten gold, tempered by darker, antique gold belly and the dull gleam of sooty fires sweeping across her teasingly twitching tail. Burnished golden fire blazes from her polished headknobs, licking at the goldleaf of dainty muzzle and eyeridges. Fire glints from the depths of her whirling eyes, proof of her temper softened somewhat by her innate sweetness.

~~ Impression ~~

Haughty indifference can only sustain one so long, and jeweled eyes turn to the One who can hold loneliness at bay; a soft murmur bubbles forth from slender golden neck, is stifled, than becomes a hum of anticipation as pride is lost completely under a rush of warm expectation. Defenses crumble completely as smooth golden muzzle lightly touches Katarra's hand, draconic emotions whirling for all to see as separate destines become one, woven into the pattern of life for eternity.

The softest sound seeps into your mind, a tenuous thread of curiosity that becomes stronger, bolder. Like walking a dream, images flicker; they coalesce into a voice — a sweet caress — « I claim you. It is right. /You/ are mine. » Possessiveness ripples in those words, confidence embuing them with promise as the symphony of sound and color vibrates through you with increasing excitement until — finally exploding — the ever-shifting hues of brilliant crimson, sapphire and royal purple dissipate into your consciousness, leaving as a residual « I am Tajiath. » in perfect clarity.

~~ Inspiration ~~

The basis for Tajiath's physical presence is that of flames and wine, heat and richness.
The basis for her personality is Nynaeve from Robert Jordan's 'Wheel of Time' series. If you were to compare her to an Aes Sedai, as well, her usual personality is white and blue ajahs mingled. However, when she loses her temper, and during mating periods, she is a definitely of the green ajah! Be warned!

~~ Physical ~~

Tajiath is small for a gold, and yet it is not a disability. She is a racehorse next to plow horses, her sleek and slender body made for flying high and fast, and her agility apparent in the way she constantly wants to attempt acrobatics.
Another aspect of Tajiath's physicality is the way she positively vibrates with energy, an almost tangible quivering of her dainty body — somewhat like flickering flames always moving, always searching for something else to consume. When she loses her temper, however, she is more like a forest fire; out of control and angry.

Movement for Tajiath is like a fire; quick and smooth, yet with that elusive quality of 'flickering', as if she might change her mind on which direction to go at any moment. In flight, it is the same. If left to her own choice, she will flit here and there, dancing through the sky like the proverbial flame, grace personified. She does try hard, however, to keep her steps as calm and serene as she tries to keep her attitude; in both, she is more often then not successul.

~~ Personality ~~

Tajiath is a complex creature, not always what she seems. Her attempts to be cool and disdainful, serene and unmoved are almost always overthrown by her true personality, that of a volatile creature, easily angered. In this she is Nynaeve to the letter, although she can be played either way — the cool persona of an Aes Sedai, or the scoldingly impartial abrasiveness of the wisdom from Emonds Field.
Tajiath, like Nynaeve, is a bossy dragon. You and she are going to have a lot of arguments over who is actually in command. Sometimes you will win, and sometimes Tajiath, although she will always insist she is right to the bitter end. If it is a public argument, Tajiath is truly more likely to win, as she will go up in flames if she doesn't (even though she will not show any of her emotions until she does lose her temper). If it is a private place in which you are having dissenting opinions, she will almost always defer to you — after all, it costs her to lose no face. And that is very important to her.
For the most part she is aware of what she is — who she is, and so will try to keep her temper and maintain her dignity, especially in public, and will always attempt to act with the decorum of her position. She is usually successful, although all is lost when she loses her cool: which, unfortunately, she can do often, mostly when she does not get her own way (she is a stubborn creature, and again, she is always right). At these times, the vibrating energy of her everyday presence can become a veritable electric storm, her tail lashing as she explodes. Again, your job is to soothe her megrims at times like these. You are the only one she will listen to when she is in a volatile state.
Overall, Tajiath is a dominant creature; her will is as tangible as her temper, her physical presence unavoidable. She is ever present, ever aware, and ever watchful, surveying all with haughty eye and an air of alertness. When she is on duty, nothing gets by her. She sees all. Part of that watchfulness stems from an overabundance of curiosity, but also from the attitude that everyone should be doing things properly (which usually means her way). She is continually inspecting things to make sure they are done to her satisfaction, and a scold is imminent if she does happen to see anyone doing something they shouldn't.
At other times, however, she can be sweetness personified, her flaming temper reduced to smouldering embers that keep the fires burning, but not out of control, and her curiosity abated to a degree that she is almost somnolent in attitude. During these periods, she is all yours, and will crave your closeness and affection, even if it only a touch on her mind as she wakes from slumber, or a physical caress in passing from her weyr into yours.
Something that others rarely see is the softer side of Tajiath, the fun side. With you, she can let down her guard — when she does, she is able to joke and play, tease and laugh, her sense of mischief shown to you and you alone. She is also caring, and worries when she thinks people or other dragons are hurt or upset (unless she is the one doing the upsetting) — at those times, she will come to you for comfort and advice.
She is wise, too, although it usually comes out in abrasive bossiness. « Do it this way!! » rather than diplomatic suggestiveness. But that wisdom is there, and you can always count on her for advice or comfort of your own, as she is sensible despite her stubborness and unwillingness to be wrong.
Your relationship with Tajiath will never be easy; you are too much a like, perhaps, and too used to having your own ways. But in the end, when all is said and done, you are *One* — even though you choose different paths, you almost always come to the same end, agreeing on a direction and taking it together.

~~ Quirks ~~

Does Tajiath have them? Oh, my yes! In abundance, much like she has temper in abundance. Indeed, that is her main quirk, the fact that her nature is so volatile; it changes life flickering flames from moment to moment with only your hand to keep it from jumping its boundaries to run wild and amok through the weyr.
Sulking is another of Tajiath's quirks, and she does it very well, if uniquely. When she is in a 'mood', you will almost always find her brooding in he couch or in some quiet place, chewing on her tail's tip. Like Nynaeve and her braid, Tajiath's sooty tail is a good indication of when her ire is up. It lashes when she is angered, and becomes a pacifier when she wishes to be comforted. And when people see her doing this, it causes her embarrassment, because it is purely unconscious. Quirky. Uniquely Tajiath.
Another quirk of Tajiath's is that she is not a flirt: in fact, she tends to order the males around like children, and considers them not much better than such. To her, they are a nuisance on a day to day basis, and her bossiness, and commanding tones will be much in use if one attempts to bother her with nonsensical trivialities. In this, she might tend to lecture you constantly about letting males turn your own head (yet another reason for endless arguments).

~~ Credits ~~

Egg — Ellya and Rh'esh
Hatchling — Wullan
Inspiration — G'briel with Wullan tweaks

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