Consecrated Citruline Conflagation egg: Telenia
Candelit Gold Dragonet: Ariana
Puppet: Kalona
Inspiration: Ariana, Maggie, L'lia

Candlelit Gold Dragonet

Hatchling Description: A small queen, she, the warm hues of a candle's
flame drench her in soft luminescence. Flickering shadows span wings and
body, limning her with aureate light; deeper gold touches her belly and
throat with no need of orange, brightening her, instead, to palest gold at
wing-spars and withers. Sturdy of frame, smooth of form: the unsteady
abandon of grace and surity combine with innocuous felicity, inkling of a
windsong yet to come.

Physicality: She's soft angles and sturdy lines, not a delicate dragon by
any means. Leave that slim-boned fragility to the others: while she's not
heavy, she's got a sturdiness to her, a roundness of line and firm grounding
in her setting; she's diminutive in length, at the small end of the spectrum
for her color, though her build doesn't leave her looking as small as she
is. And when she's grown she'll keep those soft angles and solid lines,
elegant but not in the least bit exotic.

In hue, she's the soft, glowing gold of a candle's flame: warm, lambent
lights, a shade that coats her hide most intensely at the belly and throat
and fades into palest white-hot gold at the 'points' of wing-tips, talons
and ridges. No orange or red exists in her shading, either; it's all the
clear, pure gold, softened from harshness by the flickering quality it takes
on in the light. She's really absolutely gorgeous: like a romantic evening
with the one you most love (and she /is/) lit by her own, inner radiance
that makes her shine even more than the soft tones of her coloration.

With that candleflame color, she might also be, like a candle, a little bit
loathe to take a bath. She loves to be /clean/, but coaxing her for a bath
can sometimes be a trial. Especially when she'd rather be doing something
else. But she /does/ love oil (after all, flame likes oil!) and oilings —
beware your clothing! She tends to itch between her toes and at her
extremities: the hotspots of her coloring, and those will get dryer than
others; special care will have to be taken with that.

She's indeed like a candle's flame: mentally her touch is flickering soft,
with a welcome warmth in tone and color alike; her mind-touch is gentle
oranges and rose, pale greens and wispy purples, much like the fading
remnants of a sunset. Her voise, as well, is soft but resonant, with none of
the shrill quality, though it often quavers in her own uncertainty at times
— but she's /always/ certain about you.

And that flickering continues in the rest of her mental being. Although
she's not stubborn in a negative sense, she's not one to give up either:
damping her spirit is near to impossible, although she tends to be on the
unsure side right now. And indeed, that shows: her fires flicker, shift with
the winds — sometimes, even, it seems that she may never be able to make up
her mind. But at the same time, she's persistant. Stubborn. Committed.
There's a slow-burning heat to her, an ever-present, intangible strength:
warm, and solid, and lighting your way through troubled times. She loves
fiercely, but she'll be mentally demostrative rather than outwardly. A quiet
dragon, with a tendency towards soft warbles rather than burbles, rumbles
rather than bugles — although she certainly will in moments of joy and in
manifestations of her sheer exuberance for life and love.

Those inconsistant fires do need to be nurtured, though, if she's to grow up
strong, if her flame is to flare higher, rather that flame up at irregular
intervals and then die to a smoulder again — although, she /will/ smoulder
sometimes. (especially when she's proddy: low flame, low key, but /hot/.
Dangerous. Ready to flare at the least breath and burst into violent,
unquenchable flame. Then, only, does her hide ever take on a sullen reddish
glow — but right before the flight it clears into white-hot gold, almost
azurite at places. But her burn's brilliant and although short-lived at
first, she soon learns to control that as well). And she's got every
potential to end as a beacon.

Like any flame, she needs breathing space and protection from rough winds,
but she still needs enough exposure to withstand them herself. Again, she's
tough despite that soft appearance; once she's gained her confidence she may
have a penchant for vanity, although if you work hard enough even that can
be controlled. Speaking of that, she can try to control you to do what she
likes, too, though she's a master of subtlty: a warm nudge there, a hint of
a flame there, a light to lead the way — and you'll suddenly wonder /what
am I doing/, feeling compelled to have glows in every portion of the weyr so
they reflect of her hide and make it too bright to sleep.

She's sociable, but she far prefers your company to any other; /you/ are her
love, her life, her other expression — in her eyes you can do little wrong,
though if you do you'll feel it as a niggling ache in the back of your head.
That leniance will gradually solidify into definiteness, but boundaries will
be set early on — don't constrict her too much… or give her too much
leeway. Moderation. She's as enrapt with you as you with her: hers is a bond
of tight affection.

The trick, with her, is to feed her fires but not let them consume you —
and that flickering flame will blossom and grow, blooming into a queen of
elegant, solid proportions, with a mind as warm and giving as it is keen.

Tamlyth's name fits well into her flame-like nature. We were very
attached to Tamlynth, but it was taken so settled, eventually, on Tamlyth.
Tam-lith, Tam-lithe, Tahmalith? She will tell you how to say it. :> It
is loosely based on a character from a book whose name escapes me, but was
someone that stayed with me for years. A small, vibrant, tomboyish type
who was persecuted becuase of her ability to Heal. It wasn't something
Tam could deny, the fires scored here, claimed her, and she had no choice
but to give in and /heal/ with it. She takes others pain into herself
where it finally dissipates, and earns respect and admiration though she
wants neither. But becuase she is different she is houded and driven away
and eventually finds those that take her in and teach her to use her gift
for Good. Somewhat Elven, not reticent but keeps what is hers to herself
and denies her own pain. Clever, wise, friendly, and more of a kind aunt
than a motherly sort.

That image, of someone controlled by the healing fire that is greater than
themselves — that is Tamlyth. She does not heal, but the fires that
drive her can be all-consuming nonetheless. They bring a connectedness to
her younger gold sibling that would seem to be nearly impossible

Nessie is rather awakward, clumsy, the runt of her clutch. Goes to
Tamlynth for comfort and help an they are great pals, I hope I hope. So
that Tam /should/, ideally, be the stronger of the two. The glue. More
patient. More sturdy. More solid. More aware. Ness is a bit flighty. Has
a sense of responsibility Vae's gold does not, that sort of thing. Duty!
Honor. Born near the eldest she wants thw others to listen to her.

Talmyth is close tot he celtic Talmhai — the earth. Mother earth. Earthen
solid, grounded. Fertile. There is a strong nurturing streak through
her, particularly where Nyssath is concerned.

Enjoy her and love her. :)

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