Sweet-tart Gooseberry Green Tefiath in the Mountain Sunset Egg

Egg desc:
Patterns dance in palest berylline where the sky is the bluest ever seen; yellow and orange clash as one, lowering shadows of reddened sun. Below bright crimson starts to flow: strong lines of red that catch and grow; valleys dip into dark green hopes, warmth fleeing from still-verdant slopes. Umbered etchings tinge the shell in blackest shadows where trees fell, while mountains at their soaring heights capture the last bands of swift-fading light.

Hatchling desc:
Slender ridges of lucent yellow-green radiate back from headknob's outward tilt to tail's decided end. Large eyes swirl above a rounded nose, set to accentuate pert muzzle's curving tip; the exquisite length of long, lithe neck offsets the rotund convexity of weighty haunches and condensed tail. Gooseberry's crisp, verdant green gives way to the pastel of cloying sweetness along the wide reach of her belly, rising up to encompass the narrow-hooked ends of slender set wings.

hatch_msg: loses a few bits of sun-shadowed berylline as a sharp winghook escapes its confines. A struggle ensues, and in the end the dragonet is victorious, standing sunshine green in an avalanche of shards.

impress_msg: The chaotic roar of the caverns seems to die down, if but for a moment; a long moment, an intensely sweet moment. Then another presence looms, foreign but loving; gooseberry green fills not only vision but all senses, and the rush and roar of a sweet, exuberant voice rings soft as cotton against your mind:


Name: Tefiath is a name that we got from Kh'rys, who made it up Just For You. I'm not sure exactly if there was any other motive in mind other than sound, but she was playing with /your/ name in particular — and it just fit.

Mentality and physicality:

Tefiath is overall a clear, strong green tinged definitely with yellow — fresh gooseberries that are just off the vine. However solid her hue may be, though, it still, of course, has its variations; those eye and neck ridges tend towards the yellow side and her underbelly is a cloudy green, like cream had been mixed with the coloring of her hide. Palest yellowy-green stripes striate her hide, especially on her tail, where they curl round like a tabby cat. Her talons are almost yellow, they're so light.

Physically, she's a bit on the rounded side, with full, heavy haunches and a thick, short tail. She'll always be a bit heavy as she grows up, without the litheness that some other greens have; she's a powerful girl and while she's perhaps not the classic example of green beauty she's perfect to your eyes — of course — and her own. Once she's older, at least. While she's young, she might be a little insecure about the sheer breadth of her shoulders and legs — but she'll grow up to be a mid-sized to large green, and that bulk will fit her fine. Her wings are narrow like a falcon's rather than broad like an eagle's which makes her wingtip turns almost neck wrenching, but making it a little harder to ride the winds for long stretches; those wings, by the way, have a definite inclination to start drooping downwards when she's tired, even if she doesn't want to admit that she is. With your healer background, it's one of those things you'll have to look out for. Tefiath's neck is long and graceful in contrast to the rest of her body, with a large intelligent head, and eyes that are a big larger than the norm. Her roman styled nose is rounded as well, yet with daintily small nostrils.

Of course, she does have her little quirks. While all dragons like to be oiled, Tefiath takes special delight in feeling your healer's hands administering the soothing liquid over those fretful itchy spots — and she only wants you to do it. No one else can even help, ot it's Not Right. She likes to have the spot where her neck meets her shoulders scritched. It's hard for her to reach it and it tends to flake there more often than in other areas. As well, she tends to itch between her toes and on the undersides of her wings — at the base /and/ at the very tips.

Mentally, Tefiath's voice is soft and hazy, a light soprano that only brushes the edges of awareness — she's often more a thought than a definite voice, though she can — and does! — use that voice for effect when need be. Her mind colors tend towards pale pinks and yellows, touched by cloudy white; pastels.

However, don't be fooled by that voice! While she is definitely focussed on /you/ (you're perfect the way you are) — you don't need to make yourself feel more important because, after all, she's there and that's all that matters; you're the most important thing in her life and she'll support you in almost everything — she has a tendency towards the… acerbic. While she can keep those comments to herself, Tefiath tends to be something of a chronic mutterer. You know what it's like? Those people who always have something to say, and say it under their breath — and, like them, Tefiath tends to get louder as she gets more annoyed. This will manifest itself not only in her outwards rumbling and annoyed half-bugles (squeaks!) but also in her mental touch as well — to you, those around her, the weyr as a whole… It can be quite embarrassing, especially when she siezes on something that annoyed you, or something you did that annoyed her. « grumble mutter grumble Nefra didn't tell X she liked him grumble rumble grumble »

But she /is/ solid and generally stable. She's not a flirt and tends to be somewhat more grounded in reality than some of the other greens; she's not flighty in the least, in fact, in most of her outward behavior. /However/ because she is so insecure at first — and then is so proud of herself later — she takes particular delight in adornments. In fact, you're one of her adornments — « You have to look lovely Nefra. For me. » She has a tendency to adore leather. Her straps are a favorite, so much, actually, that you'll have a hard time getting them off. She wants to fly, she wants to be beautiful, she wants to swim and roll in the mud in them… And speaking of those straps, she'll insist on a pair to match all your outfits. Different colors. Different designs. Unfortunately, she sometimes lacks the comprehension of the work it takes to make those and tends to go dive in the lake, roll in the mud, lie down in that particularly greasy spot of oil before you can force them off of her.

When she's proddy, she'll tend to let you know. Loudly. For days on end, likely, before she rises. And only then does she flirt. Vociferously. How this affects you, however, can be different — perhaps different every time, or the same. It depends on her mood. And when she does rise she'll be a whirlwind, blooding even more ruthlessly than usual (for she's a messy, savage eater) and flying swiftly to outdistance early — but that energy sometimes goes to waste, spent too early until she starts to learn finesse. She won't rise early, but rather midway through all the other greens in the clutch. And she's consistent with her risings after that, almost to the point of clockwork.

In all, she can be a trial — but she can also be the utmost in delights for you. Her love of you is complete, her confidence in you and who you are absolute. While she does occasionally get upset with you, she only does so when she thinks you are doing something that is /not/ good for you — and she's perceptive, towards you if nothing more. You are who is important, and while she likes to talk to the others at length, sharing images, perhaps commiserating over the strangeness of riders, in the end she always returns. To you.

Enjoy her!
Name: Kh'rys
Egg: Sh'lin (Aria tweak)
Dragon: T'lon (Aria tweak)
Inspiration: Sh'lin and Ariana

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