Th'deus Barlord


Basic Description:

Th'deus is a man possessed of looming height (6'6), solid and finished muscle mass, and hair - plain-brown long hair and a blond-streaked trimmed beard and moustache - combined with a general sense of meditative sobriety. A sinister impression may be given by the fact that the man only has one deep-brown eye in view; the left is covered with an eyepatch whose laces are looped into the man's long, braided hair, that itself is covered with a tied bandana. Everything about the man is built large - Th'deus' hands are big, long-fingered. His barrel-chest leads to a thick torso and long blacksmith's legs and sizable feet. Around his neck, Th'deus wears a bronzed chain that leads to - when visible - a mark-sized pendant in which bronze frames a multihued shard of draconic eggshell.


Backhistory…. The Barlord Trader Clan has been little more than a tight-knit family - Mother Tessas, Father Tanav, and their six children: brothers Toncho, Trinculo, Thaddeus, Tejano, and little sisters Tahira and Taini. Traveling across Pern for Turns, they have valued their strong friendships, an honesty and integrity for which they became known, and an astounding ability for survival in the sometimes lawless or barren places between Hold and Hall. After years of success, the Tanav and Tessas have retired to a small Holding near FarmCraft Hall. Eldest Toncho - once having small claim to fame at his prowess in martial gambling sports - inherited the caravans which he ran with his youngest brother Tejano's help. Trinculo went missing some Turns ago and is feared dead. The younger sisters stayed most often with their parents, when wanderlust does not inspire them to travel to Craft or Hold.

Thaddeus, having struck out on his own, did alright… Until Southern Boll. There, his life changed for both the better, and the worse. Thaddeus met Madri, traded her for a firelizard egg, and got a lover in the bargain — this was the Better. Thaddeus also managed to lose his own racing runner in a rigged contest, got talked into participating in a back-alley sport-fight, and killed Victor of the SeaCraft Hold which is beholden to Southern Boll. This was the Worse, complicated by the fact that Kethlor (now E'th) Victor's little brother, attacked and badly cut Thaddeus after the fight. The Trader's name was then launched into absolute notoriety. The big man was taken by Liette and Madri to Fort Weyr to recover from his wounds, but he didn't return into the public eye until months later, when Southern Boll again had Thaddeus in custody. His trial was a major event (log 1 of 4 at:, resulting in both conviction and Madri's green Elsveth's Searching Thaddeus at the conclusion. After some few days, Lady Auryn determined an appeal was in order and released Thaddeus to Fort Weyr.

But, to a great degree, the damage was done. Thaddeus had killed a local hero, become The Murderer of Boll, and in one fell swipe managed to wipe out what turns of good had done the Barlord name. His notoriety was only to increase…

At the hatching, Th'deus Impressed bronze Xanth…

Whipcord muscle strains beneath cinnabar flesh, sandbar waves of bay etched across barren ribs to the wider spread of a muscular chest on an otherwise wireframe young bronze dragon. Fiery cadmium blushes unchecked upon slender wings, trailing wispy fingers to unite with ebon-tainted gossamer where razor-edged pinions pierce into the darkness of leathery sails. Shadowy hints of muddy cerulean gather in the supple line of his tail from widened base to the fine triangular tip and again across a hawkishly pointed muzzle until at last mired in the river rock hues of high-rise 'ridges.

…. though Th'deus was unable to complete even Weyrling training without more trouble. First, he and Neia became lovers, after Nakiath rose, and given Madri's having evidently taken her and Th'deus' daughter and moving somewhere, without word. As Th'deus' brother, Tejano, had been reportedly nabbed by the pirates plauging Boll, Th'deus also assisted elder brother Toncho in his attempts to ring-lead a resistance against the pirates. Toncho's attempts to contact Boll's Lord-Elect Marryn and Lady Auryn went quite bad, resulting in Marryn's mistaking Toncho for a bandit and knocking him flat. Toncho's firelizard summoned Th'deus, who subsequently ended up breaking Marryn's arm, being arrested and thrown in Boll's prison again. Again, Th'deus' imprisonment was marked by chaos - at one point Neia's green Nakiath rose, and blues and browns descended upon Boll for the chase. As well, Th'deus' stint behind bars was as hard on him as it was, the guards; Th'deus ended up losing the function of an eye to a guard's sword during a misunderstanding that occured during the only visit Corana made to the cells. He now wears an eyepatch. Marryn wisely had Th'deus released before even more parts of the rider were cut off by vengeful guards.

Wet Lung had stripped Fort Weyr of its leadership, and acting Weyrleader Jill allowed Th'deus and Xanth to graduate with the other Weyrlings. Recognizing Th'deus' independent efforts to continue to corral the pirates, Jill set him in charge of a mini wing of Sirocco, to combat pirates' activities. The wings' activities were met with mixed successes. Several ships were ambushed, with many captives taken in one operation. Another - bringing the attack to the pirates in the open seas, resulted in heavy losses for the SeaCraft, riders and Bollian soldiers committed to the task; those pirates were nigh well wiped out.

In the meantime, Th'deus met Seana, an Istan Weyr Candidate, and the two eventually became long-term lovers at the price of Th'deus' losing Neia. The bronzerider seems to have more than several of the traits of his murderous, womanizing and temperamental grandfather, beyond the fact of his imposing physical size and strength. To keep up with his activities to thwart the pirates, his relationship with Seana and his weyr duties, Th'deus discovered and begin timing, as well as overstepping the bounds of his small authority, on major attacks on the pirates.

Weyrleader Jill, displeased with Th'deus' independent activities, and his not letting her know what was going on, demoted Th'deus and had his transfer to another weyr arranged, when Nomi's gold Sidijith rose for her maiden, and Senior, flight. Th'deus' Xanth caught, and Th'deus and Nomi have been thrown together as Weyrleader and Weyrwoman of Fort Weyr. The notably hostile relationships between these two riders seemed to have been tempered by dragons and has since evolved into a partnership that almost never shows strife in public. Xanth, devoted to Sidijith, does not rise after any other female dragon and is often seen in his queen's company. Th'deus, evidently the more temperamental of the pair, has been seen in the company of other females, than Sidijith's rider.

As Weyrleader, Th'deus followed a void, and the fairly hostile reaction to his ascension did little to tone down his plans. Together with Nomi, Th'deus managed to retain Jill as Weyrsecond, gave her Wingleadership of their wing, and he busied himself learning all points of Weyr management, as well as many of the Weyrling lessons he'd missed while in Boll's prison. Some of his requests seemed absurd — his insistence that every rider learn to juggle, and own at least one firelizard, but there is method behind his seeming madness; wings with practicing jugglers drop fewer firestone bags during practice, seem to have fewer accidents from distraction of catching, during Fall. Firelizards trained to flame have helped to protect riders, when Thread might fall wild. Th'deus' idea to send back queens of several weyrs, as well as Fort's, fifty turns into the past to try to double the number of Fort Weyr's Wet-Lung-decimated dragon numbers, succeeded to a grand degree, and he has continued to put pressure on the pirates at Boll. He instituted a dragonhealer-training program with the Weyrlings from the double-clutch of Sidijith and Eviyath, which promised to produce four fully-trained healers. Whatever critiques his detractors might have on unpersonable Th'deus' private life, they cannot deny that Fort Weyr has been able to not only rise and meet their own obligations, but they have assisted other weyrs, notably Telgar, in their duties.

As Weyrleader, Th'deus was most often seen moving from one point of duty to another, overseeing, hearing complaints and trying to address the general welfare of the weyr. One might catch him out and about, more often than not dressed as a wing-rider and sans knot, on personal business. And rarely, Th'deus may be located in the living caverns or the baths, but he seems never to appear deeper into the interior caves of the great volcano, than this. He and Nomi live in Arien's old weyr, though oddly the Weyrleader had the entire Weyrleader's office moved to his old ledge high up on the bowl walls, where he does much of his 'office' work.

With Nomi's increasing bad health, after 6.5 turns of service, and transitioning Fort from a half-populated Weyr to a full-strength fighting Weyr that has met Thread successfully, Th'deus talked his Weyrwoman into stepping down, and he stepped down with her. He has, since, been trying to enjoy the 'quiet' life of a wingrider.


Bo Blue - Sweet, cowardly in his way, Bo is devoted to Th'deus, but he is also the first one out of a bad situation. Once upon a time, he was brave, but he was badly hurt for his courage and he learned his lesson: Description by Madri: Cast from the pure bright blue steel of Valhala, this firelizard has both poise and personality. He is active, but also enjoys preening the golden flecks dabbled atop shoulders and haunches, showing off his crowning head knobs illuminated by sky's gentle kiss. Long, but not lithe his bulky frame is solid muscle, balanced by the great expanse of his graceful wings and casual sway of his serpentine tail.

Alyx - Based on a daemon, from Golden Compass, Alyx reflects Th'deus' mood to an extreme degree; she is the Th'deus Barometer of Temper and Strong Emotions. Too bright, she never received the training or time that Th'deus put into Bo Blue, therefore Alyx is not quite as generally useful, and she has developed her own quirks to keep her amused. Most troublesome among these quirks is Alyx' practice of bringing Th'dues /things/ that she picks up, ranging from women's underpants to a chicken leg, and everything in between. From time to time, Alyx will also bring associates of Th'deus odd items as well, depending on how much those persons tend to be in Th'deus' thoughts. Description by Nomi: Day-colored wine, night-colored wine, wine with purple feet, or wine with topaz blood, wine, starry child of Pern, smooth as a golden sword, soft as lascivious velvet, wine, spiral-seashelled and full of wonder, amorous and bright: passionate, fire-kissed gold spills along every curve and camber of this slender, whippy firelizard from inquisitive muzzle to lively, feisty tail. Her wings are extraordinary, finely-wrought of pure, pale gold that likewise armors the arcs of bone and spar. Dozens of subtle, delicate, arcane symbols rune those capacious sails, scattering intricate glyph's of burnt cinnamon in every cardinal direction. Spirited and wild, this daemon queen gives form to emotions like a golden compass of inner truth.


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