Esther was well into a carefully executed plan of working towards a career as Headwoman to Nerat Hold when life went all a'kilter. A visit to Fort Hold, and while straightening one of high old hanging tapestries (it was crooked thank you very much) and a tumble down the Fort Hold grandstaircase left her languishing in Healer Hall for a baker's dozen seven-days until her leg healed. Rumours ran rampant at her old Hold. When the current aging Headwoman died, she was replaced and not replaced by Esther. Unwilling to return to the life she trained for but couldn't have, Esther was unsure of what to do next. She has been exploring the Fort environs.

On a trip to Fort Weyr soon after recovery (okay, Healer Hall was really anxious to get rid of her), Neia's dragon searched her. J'lian's dragon spoke to her. Esther became a candidate. The self-absorption of Fort Weyr and its intrigues and plots caused Esther to have tumultuous candidacy. During that time she met Tejano, broke some rules when his Yo went up in flight and began a long lasting and rather tumultuous love affair with the Barlord.

At the hatching, she impressed gentle brown Hadamarth who promptly changed her name to Thera. Despite another tumultuous Weyrlinghood, she and Hadamarth seem to have survived the worst… and settled down weyrmated to T'jano, rider of green Mrrth to continue their dragonhealing studies. So they thought. T'jano, scarred by the parenthood thing because he's lost the childhoods of his children (Anzan and W'ren) has steadfastly stated that he doesn't want any more children. Thera, believing him, has betweened more then is wise (green stuff doesn't work when it doesn't stay down). It has taken both a physical and emotional toll upon her. When she was asked to take her friend, Lord Marryn to a Holder's meeting, Hadamarth rose after one of the Telgar queens.. and caught. Lost in the lower caves, Thera succombed to flight lust with Marryn. That flight left her pregnant, and her dragon has steadfastly refused to allow her to between.

T'jano threatened Lord Marryn to try and get him to sign a paper giving up rights to the child and was subsequently thrown into jail. His Mrrth was proddy, and all heck broke loose when she rose. etc. etc.

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