Bowman's Timeless Desert-Brown Tokeith
Homemade Paper Egg
A fibrous web of pressed wood pulp embraces the curves of this egg, pale dyes running in uneven rivulets over the surface. Dark pinks and greens cling in bleeding blots across the pristine pale of shell, where patterns of thick and lumpy fibers bely the smoothness of the sphere.

Homemade Paper Egg crackles, crinkles, then crumbles away in strips of pulpy color, like a pinata giving way before its secret prize - the slowly stretching dragonet.

Timeless Desert-Brown Dragonet
Windblown sepia settles for a lifetime upon this dragonet, gaining height over twin headknobs' peaks and piling over broad and gritty shoulders. Drizzling downward, that sandy sepia melds and mixes with darker tones, echoed above where topaz burns highlights across the wide wing length of spar and spur like sun-bleached curls. Timeless hues vein their way ever downward, gathering at last across talon's baked brown grain and tail's elongated serpentine length.

Public Impression Message: Timeless Desert-Brown Dragonet knows when to act. Now is the time. Everything is perfect. And there, there is Bowman, waiting for just this moment, this meeting of minds.

Private Impression Message Desert winds scour across your mind, weighing, measuring, and finally choosing, without doubt. As an oasis to a thirsty traveler, so this touch on your mind brings relief, completion, an answer to a need you didn't know you had. «Yes, this is right. You, Bowman - you're mine.» Oh, the times that lie ahead! «My name is Tokeith!»

Name and Theme
This clutch is themed on Wedding Anniversary Gifts. Traditionally, paper is a gift for a first wedding anniversary. Modern gifts have changed, though, and today people give clocks! Tokeith derives from Japanese, meaning clock. Your clock dragon is based on the idea of ancient timekeeping and modern artistry - an hourglass. With the hourglass comes the idea of sand, and the desert.
Overall look —
Much like the sands that flow through an hourglass, Tokeith is all fluid movement and style. This is not your typical chisled dragon, rather he is smooth, sleek, yet with a gritty texture to that hide even after a complete oiling. Not small, but thin and long in length, Tokeith favors the lean look of earlier Fort dragons such as Sparneth or Dobryth. He does have wide sails that resemble the traditional flowing robes of the Igen folk, full and translucent. Talons are the dark grey/brown of bedrock, and that coloring hints at the tail and underbelly.

Mind Voice —
Soft, fleeting, ever-changing yet ever the same. Like a hot, yet calming wind through the high desert, Tokeith is always in your mind. Whispering, random thoughts one moment. Seering and sand-tossed the next. When Tokeith is in good spirits that touch can be as cool and sweet as the desert air under a bright full moon, and when curiosity strikes it'll spin up little dust devils in your mind, but when unsettled it can be as jarring as a sandstorm in Summer.

Personality —
Oh what a lifemate you have.. or does Tokeith actually have you? You'll never truly know for certain as the shifting sands in this one cannot, will not be contained. There's always something wonderfully mysterious going on in that dragon mind, and Tokeith's actions will reflect that constantly. Deep at times, yet at others terribly shallow, you'll never know when a breeze will happen by and what that random wind will unearth. There's a whole other world under that desert of dragon just waiting for you to play archeologist.

The attention span in this one is about as long as the nose hair on a flea. Classes will be a bit of a challenge as standing still for just that long simply won't do. Three words into a class and Tokeith will begin fidgiting. Not that he isn't interested.. well..he's just found something MORE interesting.. like that trundle bug right there and what is it doing and where is it going and can I go too? And «Look, look, Bowman, what IS that?» He might find the occasional partner in observation in animal-watching clutchsib Kalth.

The same holds true for oiling time. Oh yeah, sure, oilings are great, but can you oil while Tokeith explores as there's just so much to see and do, you understand. Nothing is safe.. every nook and cranny of the Weyr simply /must/ be explored. So from the very first Tokeith will be into everything. he isn't being mean or hurtful, just ever curious, ever moving, ever on the search for something new and wonderful to share with you. What does this smell like? What does it taste like?

Tokeith does have a few habits you can count on, though. The first being he totally absolutely beyond a doubt *hates* water. It's.. it's.. well it's wet is what it is. Now dirt and sand, that's the ticket. Something Tokeith can really sink his claws into. Don't bother laying quilts and blankets in Tokeith's sleeping hollow. They won't stay there for long. No, no, shovel some nice gritty sand into that thing and maybe you'll get some rest too. This aversion to water and to cold might put him occasionally at odds with clutchmates like sea-loving Xiphiath or icy Pirogeth.

Speaking of rest.. well, what rest? Tokeith is a goer. From the time he rushes out of his wallow in the morning until he passes out cold every night there will be not a moment's rest for you as every little thing that Tokeith discovers will /have/ to be shared with you. Oh sure, sometimes he will try and drag his clutchsibs along on one of his adventures, but first and foremost it has to be you. Wonderful you. Afterall you are the hourglass that holds his windblown sandy-ness in check.

One little niggling thing that needs to be mentioned — health. Tokeith will be in riotously good health save for one little thing: he does not drink enough water. This has everything to do with the fact that Tokeith *hates* water. Because of this he will have a bit of a problem with constipation. A trip to the dragonhealer will tell you to massage Tokeith's tail every night and to try and get him to not only drink that yucky water, but also to eat more greasy/oily meat. Expect to spend a good amount of time in the baths. Ew.

Maturing —
The bright-eyed, 'bubble on a hot griddle' behavior will begin to slow down a bit as Tokeith get closer to graduating. Don't get me wrong, he will be a fidgit-er forever, just that Tokeith will learn how to hide it better.. from outside eyes and ears. You'll always hear it, but the outside world will think he has calmed down so nicely.

Tokeith will also come to tolerate water, but don't expect him to ever love the stuff. he is a sun-worshiper, and there's just no place like a steamingly hot beach. You can go swim, he will build sand castles or try and excavate an ancient city or something.

His mindvoice will also become less extreme. Oh there will still be that occasional taste of grit in your mouth, and that random dust devil, but no more blinding sandstorms to rattle your brain.

Time itself will begin to matter greatly at this point. he will suddenly develope an internal clock that defies all good sense. You will never ever be late for sweeps, and in fact you'll be there 10 minutes before your Wingleader shows up. The improvement in his timing abilities will truly show itself during flights. Tokeith will have this uncanny sense of where everyone else is and manage to get himself in and out of the way with exact precision.

Flights —
Speaking of flights, Tokeith will excell at them. Once in the air he will be all cool moonlite desert air.. the scent of dry heat and night blossoms will haunt that mindvoice. Tokeith just won't fly. Tokeith will taunt, tease, tempt, and torture. Tokeith will set himself up as the only reasonable choice, the only one worthy of all the attention. Time won't matter. Tokeith has complete control of said time and all within it's grasp. The fidgity behavior is gone.. and he has all the patience in the world. Afterall, time is his to own .. at least for now.

You —
As you can expect, Impressing is going to change your life forever. In the beginning you will feel rather much like the new parent of a rather hyperactive child, but as time goes on and you get to know each other that timeless, unquestioning, unfailing love will grow to utter and complete devotion. You are the center of Tokeith's world. You are his reason for being. Your best friend, your most loyal supporter, your confidant, your soulmate. Tokeith will just have to share everything with you, and expects you to do the same. There might be a moment of jealousy if another human wanders into your life, but that emotion will be shortlived once you profess that your love for them will never ever be greater than what you feel for Tokeith.

Congratulations, Bowman. It only gets better from here.

Sire: Byzanth
Dam: Isabeth
Egg: Zephre
Inspiration: Tr'vn, Zephre, Skyler

Please note: This Inspiration is by no means set in stone. Feel free to take what you like, leave what you don't, or start from scratch, as you will. Tokeith is *your* dragon and only you know how to play him best!

Posted July 17, 2003 by Zephre

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