Toncho Barlord, eldest of Barlord Third Generation. Wagon Master of Barlord Trading Family. Current Stablemaster of Southern Boll.

Husband to Harper Eimauslyn, Father to Tolyn




Muscular build, and tall at 6'3, Toncho looks like like he has worked hard for the bulk of his Turns. Dark-brown hair is sun-lightened to blond and he has somber grey eyes that contrast with deeply tanned skin that underscore the outdoor life. His large frame is complimented with long legs, strong hands and wide shoulders. Toncho is marked by a sense of awareness, and though he often carries a man-tall staff, his movements evidence a fluidity of coordination between brain and body. In addition the big man manages to maintain an easy self-confidence that comes of both habit and assurance of his place with respect to the world around him. At the moment, he sports a knot of the stablemaster of Southern Boll. Toncho wears the practical outfit of browns and greys that might be advised if one works daily with runners. His belt is tooled with the knot-style that is claimed by the Barlords, and upon it hangs a matching sheath and dueling knife.


Toncho Barlord was mostly raised by his uncles and grandfather, and he was very close in age and loyalties to brother, Trinculo. When time came for Toncho to go on his walk-about, to prove himself, Trinculo came along. The brothers were separated and, until recently, Trinculo was thought to be dead. Toncho went on to meet Veronika, a self-styled Lady Holdless, fierce and independent, who not only collected and cared for lost souls, but who financed this activity by slightly shady dealings. Mutual admiration led to a long and more intimate relationship. Professionally, Toncho, an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, became Veronika's ringer, her champion, and the group moved from Hold to Hold, engaging in sportfights, beating the local champions and winning.

Eventually Veronika, Toncho and the group came to Southern Boll, where Veronika made the decision to end the wandering and set up household in the empty caves off the beach. This was the beginning of the degeneration of Toncho and Veronika's relationship, which eventually ended with Toncho's leaving again, drifting around and finally returning to his family's wagon trains. Toncho went on to train his younger siblings in combat, to learn the ropes and to inherit the wagons from Tanav and Tessas.

All was going well, with Toncho's having Tejano as his assistant, and the pair of them having hooked up with another small trading family. Talk was of alliance through marriage, of a new and larger Trading Family… Until Thaddeus killed the SeaCrafter Victor, in a sport-fight in Boll. Toncho heard news of the event, and was then later called to become personally involved in it… When Veronika had Victor's fiance Kezia kidnapped and held in her Underground Hold, Thaddeus requested Toncho and Tejano's help in retrieving her.

Toncho never made it back to the wagon train; instead, his brother Thaddeus was put on trial (then Searched) and his brother Tejano was captured by pirates. Both his sisters, who had turned up, also disappeared. Toncho remained in the Boll area to try to synchronize information and movements against the pirates. During this time, he and Veronika became reacquainted and nearly an item again, and Toncho met Eimauslyn (Maus), one of the few with whom this quiet man became comfortable.

Due to a misunderstanding with Lady Auryn of Boll's youngest son, Marryn, Toncho sustained a severe head wound that required turns for his recovery. Marryn insisted that Toncho remain at Southern Boll to recover, but that he also take the position of Stablemaster. During this time, Veronika had disappeared (due to Th'deus' Xanth's nasty sense of humor), and Toncho asked Maus to handfast with him. She accepted and they had a quiet wedding at Boll, sponsored by Lady Auryn herself.

Toncho lives a fairly quiet but busy life at Southern Boll, retaining his Stablemaster duties, developing a racing runner breeding program, training apprentices in the ways of runners, and spending time with his wife and child. From time to time he plays bodyguard to Marryn, on that man's escapades, and he is frequently seen in the company of Captain Zarl of the Boll militia.

Firelizard: Trinc, named after Toncho's presumed-dead brother, Trinc is a foul-tempered little beast, who barely endures his own presence, much less anyone else's. Description by Vezdia: A terracotta body is streaked with blackened imprints, imperfections, lines and whirls and traces of mud on this brown firelizard. That same muddy shade is splattered on his headknobs and along wingspars and down to the very tip of a whisking tail. Always one to strike a pose, he at least believes in his own perfection.

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