Drusilla's Eternal Ice-Green Udiath
From: Vengeance and Discord Egg
The heady burgundy of rich wine pours over spice-bronze and russet-gold 'midst the mingled shades of azure and sunflower yellow; a scenic revelry caught short by the rattling discordance of blacker-than-thou ebon rage, pooled in an vengeful spillage 'cross smooth shell and letting sour green creepers snake out across to taint and spoil the decadence enjoyed so thoroughly in uninhibited revenge.

Hatching Message: Vengeance and Discord Egg shatters into a million pointed shards with so much force that the green dragonet within doesn't so much hatch, nor even emerge. More simply, she has been suddenly thrown into existence, and she remains caught there like a statue for a few seconds before it begins to come to her that now, it is all beginning.

Hatchling Name: Eternal Ice-Green Dragonet

Hatchling Description: She's all thin, narrow angles planed by the tattered hand of winter's forest; sparse evergreen dominates her taut hide from the tip of her small head to the fragile slant of her shoulders, where icy fingers have paled it to the tracing of ripened dark apple green down her firm spine to slender haunches. Silvered frost patterns lace across her narrow set wings and climb to pinions' foremost reach in pristine brilliance.

Impression Message: Never mind the heat of the Sands on your feet, here's a blessedly cool sensation sluicing across your brow, pricking patterns at your temples and pushing away all thoughts of where you are, or who you are or what you are. For that is all past, and now what resonates into your mind, crystal clear, is more certain knowledge. »Drusilla! It is you, I have found you, and now we shall be together forever.«

Your Udiath's name was derived from Claudia, which in turn was borrowed from Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire (the book, not the film). If you haven't read the book, let us enlighten you: Claudia is the child Lestat (a vampire) turned at the point of death, but there were complications. As you probably know, a vampire's body isn't subject to ageing: Claudia's mind aged whilst her body remained ever that of a six year old girl - towards the end, she was literally an adult trapped in a child's body, and bitter with it even as she loved Lestat. We switched this around for your Udiath; she has a childlike mind even as her body matures. Say it as: Oo-di-ath. And besides, it goes so well with the 'droo' of your name.

Udiath's outlook on the world is that of a child, pop-eyed with wonder at the simplest things: a single red flower amidst the yellow, a shiny green-black beetle, a shaft of sunlight filtering through the clouds, the sensation of a feather under her muzzle or against her tongue, and the feeling of being in flight. She's drawn to the weather like a moth to a flame - on sunny, boiling days: she'll lie, limbs splayed ridiculously every which way, to soak it up; on rainy, cold days: she'll hurtle out to dance gleefully and leap in puddles - as she gets older, she'll look silly, but in the name of fun, who cares? -; on frozen, snowy days: she'll be fascinated by the ice patterns, by the snow, and she'll spend a ridiculously long time making snow shapes with her wings and talons.

Your Udiath is entirely unself-conscious in herself: she's like the child, who, upon reaching the beach simply strips off all her clothes on her headlong way towards the sea and continues to spend the rest of the day naked and pleading for ice-cream in between building sand castles and messing around in the water. Udiath will love the sea, and the sand, just as she loves the snow: «Oooh! Looklook, Drusy, it's a /sand/ thingie! A thing! Thingie! Heeeee!» and she's entirely infectious in her enthusiasm. Not to mention incoherent. ;)

Like a child, she'll sulk if what she deems a promise is withdrawn: «But you /promised/ we could go down to Ista!» "I didn't, Udiath! I said we /might/." «You /promised/.» and she'll insist stubbornly that you promised until it feels as if your head might explode. Poor Drusilla. Oh, and she'll have a habit of mangling your name to a pet form - never Dru, and occasionally Drusilla: «Drusy!» «'Silla!» «Druilla!» and she can never settle on just one. Her attention is easy to divert, however, to some other object of fascination - watch out for those times when she won't be placated! Udiath won't hide away from you, but she'll be a sullen niggle in the back of your mind. All children have the awe-inspiring ability to nag you into agreeing to anything, and Udiath is no exception, even when she's all grown up.

Like Claudia, though, she'll have sudden spates of needing to prove her independence once she's older: «No. I don't want to go to J'fer's weyr. I'm staying here.» "But…" «No buts. Go on your own.» and «I'm staying right here on our nice, warm ledge. Find your own way down!», and like Claudia with Louis, she'll be dragged back by her sheer, complete love of you.

For Udiath adores you, Drusilla. You're the pivotal point in her world, the axis to her earth, and she'd do anything to make sure you're happy. She'll want your opinion on the things she does, no matter how subtly she puts it, and she'll be utterly devastated when you're angry with her - and often, she won't even comprehend why you /are/ angry with her: «But I o-only pushed it off so I could bring you this Shiny Th-thing.» "That was my /chair/, Udiath!" «I'm very sorry, Drusy, please don't be a-angry with me anymore. I'll get it back. I /promise/!» and she'll tentatively bring you back the broken chair and try to make amends. She's utterly convinced you're the most beautiful, most smart, most caring person in all the weyr, and she'll be loud in her opinion of it.

Udiath is a generous soul, and how she'll love to make you gifts - unfortunately, these gifts will either be a wherry wing, when she's younger, or as she gets older, something she stole from the bowl. It's not Wrong, not to her. She has a magpie's fixation with Shiny Things (tm), and ware to those to happen to be wearing a shiny piece of cloth, or a nice necklace near her - Udiath will follow them around until they crack and give it to her. Expect your couch, and later your weyr, to become quite the little treasure trove.

She'll have a tendency to splay on the ground when she's sun or rain-bathing; legs splayed every which way and her wings open and draped over the ground on either side of her - the better for her to absorb the full force of the weather, right. And no matter how you may plead with her to try and look a /little/ more graceful, she'll argue with cool logic: «But if I fold up like that, Drusilla, then the sun won't be able to reach my side.» You'll just have to grin and bear it, heck, why not join her?!

She's quite the conversationalist, and you might find it hard to get any peace and quiet until you learn how to block - even then, she'll ramble away happily to any dragon passing by, and her subjects won't always be the cleanest of things: «Drusy was up in /his/,» mental image of J'fae, «weyr last night. Hehehehe.» and you might find some of your more intimate moments interrupted by the mental equivalent of someone watching over your shoulder, and then (a sure killer of passion) Udiath is quite likely to ask, all innocence: «Why's his hand /there/, Drusy? Shall I tell him to move it? I'm sure it's not comfortable.» She'll have no compunction about sharing it with the entire weyr, either, and she just simply won't understand if you ask her not to. Not at first, anyway, and then she'll understand and do it anyway. Because children are like that.

Claudia, as an adult trapped in a child's body, was a collector of adult-shaped dolls and miniature adult-dresser replicas for herself; Udiath, as a childish mind within an adult body (when she's older, that is), will be fascinated by babies. Mothers just fresh from the bed of birth may well find a thin green form traipsing around after them, curious as to the squalling pink blob in their arms. «Can you have a baby, Drusy. Pleasepleaseplease. We can feed it milk. And then toss it in the air.» and away she'll niggle. You may even find she'll have a habit of wanting to go down to the Healer Hall and see if there're any little pink blobs to sate her curiosity.

Like her clutchsister, Nyasuth, Udiath will have a tendency to not eat quite enough - after all, there's so much to /do/! Why waste time eating? - and so you may find you have to watch her quite a bit at first to make sure she's eating enough for her growth requirements. Oh, and she'll prefer wherries to herdbeast - the feathers are just /so/ much fun to play with, don'tcha think?

She may look small, slight and bony, but that's just appearances. Udiath is actually incredibly strong, and her stamina will improve as she grows. This is particularly true of flying - she likes going long-distance, and high, high up - as long as you can stand the chill air out there. She herself loves it, and takes great delight in puffing out warm air to make clouds of steam in chilly winter. Her hide may mellow with age, those icy edges losing their bite, but she'll certainly never get fat. In fact, she can eat ridiculously vast amounts and, although her belly will be distended for a while, her figure will return quite quickly to her normal lithe self.

When she's proddy, Udiath won't glow so much outwardly as inwardly - it's a light forcing it's way from /behind/ the darkness, yet still cloaked. She'll also be quite pigheaded about things, and stubborn, and did we mention the fact that she'll be hyper sensitive, physically? Well, she will. The tiniest touches will make her jump, and she'll be prone to restless twitching until she rises - and /when/ she rises, she'll go up like a firework…a short, yet high climb into the sky and then a dazzling explosion to culminate (only, we hope, not literally) with.

And as she's growing, your Udiath will itch, and itch, and did we mention /itch/? She'll be persnickety about getting you to scratch all those spots, and perfectly pedantic about directions as well - «I said to the left of my spine! Higher! Higher! Too high! Lower! Ahhh…just there.» but once she's attained her full growth, she'll particularly enjoy having you rub along her spine and will arch her back to encourage you further.

Cool, calm and collected, her voice falls into your mind with icy clarity, thoughts propelled in on a brisk, fresh, almost biting northerly wind. Celeste or celestial, she draws jack frost pictures across your brain, so cold you might at first think it burns. And as for how she sounds, a close approximation might be the sound you get if you tap a spoon on a wine glass - it chimes; and better yet, if you run a wine-dipped finger around the top - it resonates, echoes, a slightly eerie sound that seems to come out of nowhere.


Egg: Shendti.
Messages: Sissi.
Name: Sissi.
Description: Shendti.
Inspiration: Sissi and Shendti.
Sire: Modrath
Dam: Edysanth

Note: Please pretend this inspiration was made with plasticine — you can always squish it into some other shape at will! You, and only you, know how to play your lifemate best.

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