Quin's Changeable Sky-Green Ulanith
Wicked Stepmother Egg
This egg seems to have a slightly evil tint to it. It seems to have more shadow than color. The shadows seem to form figures within themselves that jump and dance around. You can even catch a glimpse of what might look like an apple, swirling in the mists. The spirits dance around the apple as if they were putting a spell on it. Wicked eyes watch down on them from the mists.

Wicked Stepmother Egg seems to swell, to expand with almost malevolent power. It lies there, nearly still but for the sense of resonance, vibration almost below the ability to perceive. And then, with the suddenness of a thunderclap, it is destroyed, shattered beyond recognition, and in its place, as though it were a transformation, stands a dragonet of moonshine and shadow.

Changeable Sky-Green Dragonet
Faint grey-green muffles bones' delicate delineation in deceptive plainness, but closer observation reveals more than a touch of glamour, concealed though it may be from hasty eyes. Chancy moon-pale mackerel spots wax and wane along the dragonet's flanks, playing into sunstreaked arabesques and flares in the bluish luminosity of her wings, their fairweather sheen so much at odds with her hide's twilight. A certain regal fairness shapes the wedge of her head, and a royal poise holds tail's carriage and neck's curving posture; and, in just the right light, moonshadows and sunspots dapple her muzzle and headknobs in a sudden crowning blaze of splendor, revealing her the lady indeed.

Impression Message: With deliberate, quiet movements, this changeable sky-green lady comes to dominate you, claiming the upper hand in this most important of bets. Her reward? Your mind, your life, your everything, all dappled of a sudden in moonlight and the golden burst of the sun. A warm and powerful light spills through you, filling you, emerging from the dark eclipse of solitude to seek a luminous happy ever after: » Quin, my Quin. «

My name is Ulanith! «

Name and Theme
Welcome to Riderhood, Quin! It may have cost you four bottles of wine and us a purse of marks, but we think it'll prove more than worth it for everyone involved.
Why this egg?

Well, dearest Quin, it was your favorite. Simple as that!

Which tale?

Quin, your Ulanith is based on a darker, sadder, more complex version of the Cinderella story, "SapSorrow," by Anthony Menghela and Jim Henson. There are many different versions of this particular story, but this is the one we liked the best. It's in a beautiful collection called _Storyteller._ We highly recommend you check it out at the library, or, better yet, buy a copy for yourself to have and hold and read at night when you're alone and want to get lost in the loveliness of magically written phrases and expertly told tales.

When we were brainstorming about your dragon, we originally thought this story had a wicked stepmother in it and hence fit your egg. By the time we realized it didn't, we were too far along, and too enamoured with this Ulanith, to turn back. And so, the Wicked Stepmother is vanquished with the breaking of the egg, and that alone has a poetry about it, don't you think?

We couldn't find an online text of "SapSorrow" to point you to, but we've put a synopsis of it at the end of this for you to read and enjoy.

Ulanith is your heroine, and she's based on the heroine of this story.

Why this name?

Quin and Ulanith. Ulanith and Quin. Don't they sound wonderful together? We wanted to play with the U-sound in your name, and this was the first that came to mind. As so often happens, first was best, or at least we thought so. Three-syllable names can be unwieldly, but with your short name, it's just perfect. In origin Ulanith is Hawaiian and hence fittingly exotic; its translation is "cheerful". But we also liked it because it seems complex. Naughty and nice, all wrapped up in one name. We hear it pronounced either "Oo-lah-nihth" or "You-lah-nihth", but you're welcome to say it however you want.

What does she look like?
Ulanith's coloration is changeable and tricksy, just like the clothing of SapSorrow, with her three dresses that looked like the sun, the moon, and the sky. Ulanith's base color is a soft, unassuming grey-green, like donkey skin or an evening sky. She's a lady beneath, though, and that's impossible to hide. See those pale, creamy, moon-colored spots, like a mackerel sky under a full moon's glow? And what of those sunshot streaks on her wings? Those streaks mirror your own crimson hair highlights, by the way, and not by chance, either. She even has her crown, the mark of a lady in its own right, when the light hits her just so.

When she's proddy, she'll be like a sunny sky ablaze: those streaks and spots and dapplings won't just glow, they'll burn, and they'll be impossible to miss. Ulanith's form and carriage befit a lady, too; she's got delicate bones, but she's strong, and graceful. In flight she'll be cautious and meticulous, more poised and purposeful than impulsive and flighty.

How about her Personality?
Ulanith is a lady in all its positive and negative connotations. She is a diplomat, one who can always find a workable solution when others are bickering. And yet, she can't /think/ about other peoples' problems if she hasn't had her wherry, slaughtered just the way she likes it, for breakfast. She stands with poiseone could even say she /poses/but she hates to /walk/ from one place to another. It's so unwieldy, not to mention /embarrassing/! How /can/ one look the part, after all, if one is just lumbering along like a silly wherry? Grace on land, she definitely lacks.

Ulanith will adore the feel of water and especially buoyancy, she could float on her back all day in the lake. You will have trouble most days getting her out of the water not only because of this, but because Ulanith /hates/ the feeling of wet sand sticking between her toes. Her feet, her very beautiful, feminine feet, are extra sensitive. No sand, no muck, no nothing, please. Not between the toes.

Like any lady, but perhaps more like the stepsister, sometimes, she's has her moods, and they change quickly, like clouds passing over the sun. She's picky about things—the way her weyr is furnished, the way her straps fit, maybe even the way, you, Quin, dress and deport yourself. Not critical, necessarily, but she knows what she thinks is right. Until she changes her mind, anyway.

Proud, this lady, she can be arrogant and demanding when she's proddy, her desire growing like the eclipse shadow to hide her sunny disposition. In flights, she knows she is beyond the reach of all the males who chase. She is the lady in the moonlight gown, mysterious and beautiful and beyond the reach of any male. But when the end finally comes, and one of those males manages to find her, she's the maid in the sunlight gown with one missing shoe, finding the completion of the pair.

She's much too proud to ever admit that she enjoys Quin's gambling pastime, or would make a bet herself, but she revels in those games of chance. She'll bet on anything—the weather, who catches the next green to fly, what color the weyrwoman will be wearing today. And no matter what the end result, she'll never admit she's wrong. When the day turns out to be overcast when she had hoped for sunny, well, » I told you it'd gray and gloomy, « she says with the bliss of a selective short-term memory. And with that short-term memory comes a tendency to, shall we say, embroider the truth. She's not above a bit of deception to get her own way, like SapSarrow disguising herself to get her man. And with you, Quin, she may try all those tricks, subtle and sneaking, to win you arund to her way, if you let her.

And her way is one of the finer things in life, true to her inner lady. Like Sapsarrow demanding a new dress each day, Ulanith will want finery, and decorations. » Quin, can't you win me some jeweled straps, pretty please with a cherry on top? «

Ulanith's mindvoice is a sunny summery touch, with a hint of fresh-mown grass and welcome breezes. She'll be sunny when she's cheerful, but when strong emotions take over, that sunshine is eclipsed, and burning from the corona of fire around the shadow she comes, scorching and determined. When she's tired or gloomy, her mindvoice holds a touch of moonlight, a bit of star-dappled sky, dark and dreamy and full of shadows.

The Story of SapSorrow

There are two terrible sisters, along with SapSorrow, the youngest, but they don't have the excuse of being stepsisters. There is a king. There are items that fit, and items that don't.

First, it is a ring, which decrees she shall marry the king, her father. It is a dark day, and she delays with demands for a dress, the likes of which have never been seen. One that speaks of bright moonlight on a cool, clear night.

Time passes, and then the dress is brought before her, more lovely than she had imagined it could be. Still, in her grief, and to delay what might seem inevitable, she orders another made, this one to be "all silver, sparkling with stars. For my trousseau."

Again, time passes, and again, a dress is brought before her, more beautiful than SapSorrow had thought was possible. And still, still, she refuses to marry until yet a third dress is made, this one "for the church. Gold, it should be. Gold as the sun. Bring me that dress and the next day we shall be wed." And in the meantime, the creatures who are her friends, the mice and birds, the squirrels and little hedgehogs are working on a special garment. A magical garment. And they finish, just in time. So that when the golden dress is brought before her, more striking than the two before it, she is hidden in magical disguise and escapes her fate, running from her kingdom to one nearby in the guise of what might be a fox, might be a deer, might be a hound. Might even be a donkey.

It is in this nearby kingdom that SapSorrow calls herself StraggleTag, and sets herself, in her disguise, to the work of drudgery—mopping floors, cooking meals, cleaning windows. It is in this way that she meets the prince of this kingdom, a very handsome but very arrogant man. He speaks to StraggleTag, but only because she is of no consequence to him. But he comes to rely, almost against his will, on her quiet wisdom, her gentle humor, and even her boldness in speaking to him honestly.

Still, the prince must marry, as all princes must, and there is a ball, as there always is. StraggleTag attends this ball, dressed in the gown of moonlight, no longer in the guise of ugliness, and the Prince falls in love. But before he can know who she is, where she came from, she is gone, without a trace. He speaks to StraggleTag of this woman, of his love for her, and she encourages him to hold another ball.

He does, of course, and she shows up, dressed now in the gown of silver starlight. And still, the prince learns nothing of her, nothing of where she might go.

And it is thus even a third time, and this is the time she wears the golden gown, the gown of purest sunshine and silk, and slippers made with real gold threads. And this time, oh, this time she stays longer than she ought and finds herself rushing out, hurrying to beat the clock, to race the magic. And in her rush, she loses a golden slipper. The golden slipper which will fit only her foot. The golden slipper the Prince finds, the one that he calls down the kingdom for, the one golden slipper that every woman in the kingdom must try on, so that he might know who his wife will be.

Of course the bad sisters come, and they try to convince that it fits, but of course it doesn't. And StraggleTag, she's there, in her rags and her matted hair, and all the ugliness that there is. And she asks, so humbly, with her head down, "I would like to try it on." The Prince must agree, and so he does, and when she puts it on, she is transformed into the beautiful self that always was there, so deeply hidden beneath her sisters' curses and the ugly disguise.

And they live ever after, together.

[A note from Vinnie's player: Perhaps you recognize the elements of the fairytale. There's a Cinderella aspect to it, of course, but I recognize this story as "Donkeyskin" or "Deerskin" or what have you. Here's a URL you can check out if you can't find the book the inspiration team recommends. http://www.dimensional.com/~boardman/skye/books/tales/deerskin.html ]

Sire: Ranjith
Dam: Vyath
Egg: Cobi
Inspiration: Arien, Laria, Miafah, Talisen, Zephre

Note: Please pretend this inspiration was made with plasticine — you can always squish it into some other shape at will! You, and only you, know how to play your lifemate best.

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