Lidia's Curvesome Jade-Green Vitaranth
Skeleton Crew Egg
The shell is vividly and coldly coloured with the hue of sea depths, and through it tumbles a haphazard pattern of yellow-white ivory: a handful of bones cast into deep water and auguring something fearful and not quite flesh, a dark smear across the curve a shadowed socket of a grinning, grimacing skull.

Skeleton Crew Egg seems to ripple, sea depths deepening in colour as its dark smear seems to expand - the egg seems to bulge momentarily, before it cracks, shedding white, bone-like shards in every direction and adding a jade-green dragonet to the sands.

Curvesome Jade-Green Dragonet
Sumptuous malachite clings to this dragon's shapely figure, tumbling over statuesque curves to meet with the glory of aquamarine that spreads out across grand wingsails in a show of royal luxury. Precious jade traces the refined lines of her head, following her rounded neck to play up the diamond glimmer nestled among her neckridges, while rich emerald fans out across curvaceous haunches and down a sinuous tail. Aged verdigris creeps along her belly, trailing down to the elegant aureate of her talons, a voluptuous vision of aristocratic style.

Private Impression Message
There is no transition - one moment you are simply standing, the next moment she is there, in you, around you, part of you. Her presence is almost overwhelming, a whirlwind of greens and blues, sparkling and glittering with energy as it envelops you. Perhaps you're in the eye of the storm - there is a pause, a moment of stillness, and then a giggle. « Lidia! Show me the world! » Her tone is girlish, delighted, triumphant. « I am Vitaranth! »

Name and Theme
Our eggs this time around were based on Pirates, as they were clutched just after International Talk Like A Pirate Day (

Your Vitaranth is based on Queen Victoria, a truly remarkable woman - who was at once generous and selfish, thoughtful and mischevious. Make no mistake - Vitaranth will challenge Lidia, will demand attention at every turn, while charming and confiding every step of the way. Queen Victoria was a woman capable of extremes, on one hand showing her enormous generosity of spirit and intelligence, working tirelessly to achieve social and political reform during her reign — and on the other hand, completely capable of leaving courtiers standing in the rain for hours while awaiting her arrival. Her selfishness, as Vitaranth's is, was somehow charming, so unconscious was it in its execution. In Vitaranth's case, it isn't that she sets out to make sure the world revolves around her - it's just that she genuinely believes it does, and expects that Lidia will tailor her life accordingly. Queen Victoria was a woman of strong emotion - after the loss of her husband, she spent 25 years in seclusion, allowing an entire generation to grow up without sight of her — she also had a strong sense of mischief, writing in her diary after her wedding, 'Oh, what heavenly bliss!', an observation that certainly didn't fit with the proper image she was sometime required to uphold.

Your Vitaranth will be many things - mischievious, charmingly selfish, full of laughter, capable of whirlwinds of emotion - a never-ending challenge!

Vitaranth is a charming mass of contradictions - you are her one and only, practically the only person or dragon she's interested in other than herself - this isn't to say she won't have conversations with others - she loves to gossip! But the only catastrophes that worry her overly much are your catastrophes. That said, she believes with a sort of charming innocence that your world revolves around her - indeed, that the entire world revolves around her. She may be confident and stylish, but in the privacy of your own weyr, she requires daily time spent together, oiling or perhaps simply sitting - for her, it's reassurance, and in that respect she can be quite needy at times. It's when she gathers her strength, prepares for another round with the world.

When she reaches that world - watch out! Nobody's ever going to forget Vitaranth's in the room. She's like a burst of sunshine - with a hint of a hurricane mixed in. She's pure energy, and capable of changing moods in the blink of an eye. Sometimes exceptionally generous, « We don't need it, let her have it! », sometimes charmingly selfish, « He doesn't need it, and I want it! What's the trouble? », she'll always keep you on your toes!

One thing Vitaranth will adore is expanding her empire - she loves adding to the list of 'her' places - that is, places you two have visited together. You'll never have any trouble getting her out on sweeps, as she views this exercise as simply keeping a watch over her nearby holdings. She'll forever be after you to find somewhere new for the two of you to visit - you may be able to glean some suggestions from older riders. She's territorial about those places she claims as her own, but it's blunted by her own graceful "allowance" of others on her turf. Subjects need a place to be too!

When it comes to your weyr, Vitaranth will view it as an opportunity to make all her interior decorating dreams come true at once! This will sometimes result in a mish-mash of styles, usually prompting her to insist the whole lot be thrown out, so she can start again with a clean slate. In general, she'll want things that shine or sparkle, although you may be able to talk her down to some tastefully placed mirrors, rather than an entire nest of random things that glitter! Anything plush or rich will be a standard need with this lady, unfortunately it won't always be something that's practical. "No, Vitaranth, really. We don't /need/ another ottoman!" « But this one is red! We must have a red one too. Buy it. »

Another one of her quirks is, despite the need to be as attractive as possible, she doesn't care for taking a bath. She will need to be coaxed, wheedled, then finally threatened before she goes in the lake. She is much like her Sire in his intense dislike of lake water and will prefer that you take her to the ocean once she's old enough to go there.

If you should have children, they won't be of enormous interest to Vitaranth. She'll coo over them when she remembers, but to you, at least, it will be painfully obvious that she's doing so out of politeness. She's simply not interested enough, in your offspring, or anyone else's. Her world, now yours too, is one of mature, courtly people. As far as she's concerned, it's all about you and her (and sometimes just her). Similarly, if you should decide to weyrmate, she'll certainly share a weyr amicably with another dragon (provided he or she doesn't have any ideas that contradict her own on interior decorating), but she's unlikely to become as attached to the dragon as you are to the rider. She's capable of a deep, abiding affection - and she saves it all for you.

Drunkeness is frowned upon and she will ignore those that pass under her nose in such a state. Naturally, that will mean she'll wait for you somewhere other then in front of the main cavern. Too much for her tender sensibilities!

Proddy: When proddy, Vitaranth likes nothing better than to lurk. This is also a danger time in terms of her wanting to redecorate the entire weyr. She suspects plots among her courtiers - slightly paranoid, she'll want to turn entirely nocturnal, only venturing out for late-night feeds. Her proddy periods will be fierce, but confined to a very short period - perhaps 24 hours before she rises.

Flights? Vitaranth adores them, and she'll make it hard for you not to adore them too, pulling you along with her mentally so that you know just what it feels like to be aloft. She prefers to go for height, spiralling as high as she can possibly go. She's a fickle thing, rarely caught by the same male twice, although there will always be exceptions.

Physically speaking, Vitaranth is her mother's daughter! Llydyth is curvaceous, confident and sexy, and Vitaranth is just the same. She is not a fat dragon, or a plump one - she's statuesque, shapely, full of curves in just the right places, and doesn't she just know it! She's got style, she's got class, she's got va-va-voom! Her description was based on the idea of royal riches - this is a girl who knows the best when she sees it, and insists on nothing less. Malachite, Jade and Emerald make up her hide, a hint of Diamond glimmering along her neckridges - girl's best friend, you know! That hint of verdigris? Think of the green domes you see on cathedrals - this shade, almost hidden on her underbelly, is a tribute to the period during which Queen Victoria lived, and a suggestion that Vitaranth isn't all sass and sparks. She's also intelligent, quite up to discussing weighty matters when the mood strikes her.

As she grows, she may go through certain periods where — there's no use denying it — she does end up sporting a bit of puppy fat. She won't like this -one- bit, and will require constant reassurance about her looks during these periods. She'll also itch quite a bit as she grows, due to all that changing shape, and will require more oiling than most of her clutchmates. And that, as you may have guessed, is absolutely fine by her! Scented oil, please, and the highest quality available. Only the finest things in life for this girl! Particularly, she'll itch around her head - or perhaps she'll just claim she does, as there's no denying she enjoys the attention, and the opportunity to spend time alone with you.

Vitaranth's mental signature is a whirlwind of energy! She heavily favours greens and blues - after all, there are so many different shades to choose from! She loves things that shimmer and shine, and her mental presence will often seem to do so, glinting as though she has finely cut gemstones stashed away in there somewhere. As she ages, she'll become slightly less flashy, but she'll always be ready to trot out a gleaming emerald ribbon of pure excitement at the first sign of fun. Her tone? She always sounds as though she's on the edge of laughing, or telling you the most wonderful story - she speaks like a brook, rushing headlong into every sentence! Her mental scent? Just as she loves perfumed oil, her mental arrival is always signalled by her latest favourite scent - be that a certain type of flower, or your latest perfume.

Sire: Razgulth
Dam: Llydyth
Egg: ???
Inspiration: R'sin, Brandi, Jules

Disclaimer: Lidia, we're so excited to have you riding here at Fort! Please remember that Vitaranth is your lifemate, and you know her best! If something doesn't quite work for you, don't hestitate to change it - this inspiration is a guide to her personality, and we're sure there are many facets you'll uncover as you RP!

Posted 2004-Oct-30 by Zephre

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