Sire and Dam: Gold Tajiath and Bronze Polth
Hatching Date: Monday, August 2, 2004
Theme of Clutch: Hiding Places
Theme of Dragonets: Forces of Nature
Hatchling Name: Kahula Meadow Dew Green Hatchling
Dragon Name: Vittorynth
Clutch Message
Tajiath roars defiantly, apparently not wanting to be comforted by anyone. Who can be comfortable at a time like this?!?! The sound echoes like a thousand trumpets, shaking the glowbaskets that line the cavern walls. In a sudden burst of movement, she spins away from both current clutchmate and lifemate and bounds over to a distinct gouge paved earlier by her relentless pacing. Several round shapes roll onto the sands, two in front particularly large and blocking the view of smaller shapes behind.

Tajiath drops In The Bushes Egg.

Tajiath drops Secret Garden Egg. .
Secret Garden Egg A muted glory seeps from this egg, like a beautiful scape seen through a watery mirage. It's there in a splash of violet with a bright yellow center, a drizzle of red vaguely resembling a row of roses. A spotted white arc that could be a lattice hung with curling vines. A pale blue background sky slowly dissolves into a soft grass green base with no distinct separation. The images swirl and reconfigure into something new with each inspection, hinting at something special and secret - if only it can be found.
Hatch Message A gentle crumbling of the shell's surface appears at the soft green base, at first subtle, then more insistent as shards of yellow, violet and green go flying. The long-term resident seems eager to leave this garden, wishing to exchange this one for another in the form of one of those strange, tall, white flowers standing around.
Meadow Dew Green Hatchling From the verdant viney spinal ridges to the muted moss of her belly, this dragonet exudes the lyrical grace of a wood nymph. Slender as a sapling, her size belies the strength beneath the sheen of a hide so smooth it always glistens, as with morning dew in a dark green forest. Peridot lightens headknobs and talons, while her wingsails glory in smooth, translucent emerald.
Impression Pose (what the audience sees) Meadow Dew Green Dragonet pulls herself together as she finds that one. The one she can walk, talk and fly with for the rest of her days. She draws herself up to her full height, banishing all shadows of doubts and then steps right up to Delacy, nudging dark girl and crooning hopefully.

Impression Message (what you see)
Your thoughts are suddenly aware of a smell. Green growing things and cool, damp air with a touch of flowery-sweet scent. Then the lightest mental touch. »Are you there? You are with me? Yes. This is right. You suit me just fine. Do I suit you? Of course!« The dragonet says with complete confidence. »I am Vittorynth and you and I are going to have a lovely time together!«
Egg Theme Hiding Places — In the Garden
Name Theme Your favored name was taken, so I shamelessly took a name from an Italian woman of the renaissance. She was well known during that time period, so well that Michelangelo drew several pictures of her. Her name? Vittoria Colonna. She was intelligent - a poet and had depth and passion. Your green lady does as well, though noble woman that she is, she strives to contain her passion. Only you can see, smell, taste and feel those things that make her feel so strongly.
Mind Voice Her mindvoice touch is a cool, refreshing breeze when she's happy and content, hot and dry when unhappy or angry. Colors you might experience usually range in the silvery greens to browns and reds depending on her mood. Her scent lingers always and it's always the same, Cool damp earth and green growing things, with a hint of jasmine.
Physical She's slender and supple now, but she will fill out gracefully as she grows, almost becoming voluptuous. A medium-sized green, and fairly even in the proportions, she does tend to sit up straighter, and with her chest pushed out in the most elegant manner. Might not be easy to ride in her back this way, but you will manage to convince her to take it easy on you; or perhaps, you'll invent a new saddle/strap combination. As a weyrling, she will have little trouble walking about, tails and wings are in it's proper place unlike her gold clutch-sister, but when it comes time for flying lessons, she may have some trouble starting out. »Why do I have to go up there? I like it so much better right here, thank you very much« Her best feature is her hide, which glows with a rich, deep emerald. Seemingly coated with oil all the time, it has it's own natural sheen and lustre.

Personality Your Vittorynth is quite a lady. She's bright, quick to pick up things, whether lessons or subtle nuances of posture and behavior. »Look at Razgulth's rider. Doesn't he look like he's going to throw something? He's quite angry. Hhmph, should've thought about what was coming out of his mouth before he spoke.« Vittorynth is smart like Chaernath and might be amused to speak with him often about high brow things. Things others might not understand. At least that's what they may think of themselves. She's a chatty one, always rambling about the daily goings on around the weyr. She will always want to be informed of things she didn't witness herself, but will usually only ask you. She knows you know things, mayeb that's why she choose you? Not wanting others to know what a gossip she is, of course as she's a noble lady. Noble folk don't gossip! But that's her front, see?

Impatient with some of her slower-learning weyrmates, she'll need to learn patience from you. Bathing is an activity she'll enjoy and grooming her talons a never ending fascination. They must be filed /just/ so and you'll find her raking them on the plentiful volcanic rock most studiously. On slower, sun-drenched days, you'll find her mind wanders softly and you'll be amazed at the things she's picked up. She's got a wonderful memory, especially on the short term, but later in life, old happenings may get hazy for her.

Eating, she will do with gusto and much appreciation of a well fattened beast. Do not attempt to offer anything stringy or tough. Vittorynth's a gourmand, and will voice her complaint to you quite loudly if forced to eat such poor offerings.

When she grows, there will be a time for her to glow. And when she does, The Noble woman will be at her glory. Fully in command and largely self-confident, she will demand much of those who seek to capture her. She isn't keen on acrobatics on regular days, but on those days of Flight, she will make any who watch and chase very dizzy indeed!

Credits Egg: Klari
Hatchling: M’tego with input from Zephre of Fort.
Hatcher: I’van
Messages: M’tego
Name: M’tego
Inspiration: M’tego
Clutchmates R’kan’s (Rylkan) Bronze Chaerath
W’on’s (Woden) Blue Suranzalth
Velura's Green Glissiereth
Kabrielle’s Gold Niliath

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