Title: Assistant Headwoman in charge of Stores Location: Ista Weyr
Age: 30 Turns Also Known As: Nokumi, Kumi
Physical Attributes: Vyune is relatively small, just over 5 feet, but wiry rather than frail. Her skin is gold-toned, her eyes dark reddish-brown, and her hair glossy blue-black (patterned after Earth's Polynesian genotype). Her limbs are lightly scarred in the manner of most seafarers, particularly her hands, and her left forearm bears a long scar along the underside.

Brief History: (Note: Contains information not widely known ICly. Please don't metagame.) Vyune was born to fisherfolk along the Bollian coast. Her parents died when she was quite young and she was subsequently raised by her mother's brother, the pirate Jerran. She began accompanying his raiders when she was old enough to be useful aboard a ship. One of her primary duties was tending to captives. She acquired serviceable knife-fighting skills by necessity and evinced a mild sadistic streak by genetic design. Successful flirting by Tejano Barlord incited her first crush and eventually convinced her to escape with him. She became pregnant and bore him a son, Anzan, but plans for their handfasting were put on hold for their candidacy at Fort Weyr. The difficulty of adjusting to Weyr life and her lack of social skills led to several massive misunderstandings which prompted her to take her son and flee the Weyr, seeking asylum at Ista Hold. At first shunned as a drudge for her fatherless child and churlish ways, she eventually acquired enough civility to become a barmaid under the grandfatherly Threndon. She kept Anzan from Tejano (now T'jano, green Mrrth's rider) for almost three turns. A friendship with Thera, T'jano's weyrmate, encouraged her to reacquaint her son with his father, though the sudden confrontation with her ex-lover has left her an emotional shambles under the weight of remorse and the dead hope of love not forgotten.

URL: http://vyune.livejournal.com

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