Kryssi's Quixotic Swordfish-Blue Xiphiath
Blinding Armor Egg
Jagged splinters of metal shards scatter around the surface of this egg, dangerously sharp edges of optical illusion working as thorns in warding off those who might otherwise come so close. Oddly reflective, possibly blindingly so if struck just right by light. When not blinding victims, the true silver shine of the egg can be slightly dull, nothing all that glamorous. Harsh, this is true. This egg surely has all guards up.

Blinding Armor Egg cracks cleanly into mirrored shards, done protecting its charge at last. From the sharp steel emerges a special sort of knight, a dragonet still blinking in the first light of its life.

Quixotic Swordfish-Blue Dragonet
Steel blue darkens tarnished silver's muted tones, framing this dragonet's chiselled physique with a craftsman's precision. Embossed curves and glittering waves follow the lean lines of throat and spar in minute, well-worn patterns. Gold-touched wings stretch wide and straight, only to slice into narrow and deadly scimitar's points at spar's tip which mimic the curl of talon's grasp and tail's unending twitch.

Public Impression Message: Quixotic Swordfish-Blue Dragonet makes his stand, finding at last his own impossible dream given form - Kryssi.

Private Impression Message The Sands seem far away now, as salt breezes bear you to your destiny, your adventurer errant - like the roaring rush of surf he comes, his voice a clarion call to action. «There's so much to explore! So much to see! We'll do it together!» Pulled under, drowned in welcome and blissful love - «My name is Xiphiath!»

Name and Theme
This clutch is themed on Wedding Anniversary Gifts. For the 11th Anniversary, the traditional gift is steel - which we see in the Blinding Armor Egg. The modern update for this anniversary is Fashion Jewelry - and we've found an example that lets us play with some sea-blue concepts as well as continuing the idea of the Knight from the Armor Egg, although this is no typical Knight! Your Xiphiath's name comes from the Latin for swordfish, and you can see the beautiful silver and gold pendant below that gave us inspiration. We've also brought in the ideas of the fantasy of the Knight Errant, as seen in Don Quixote. See the links below for more information.
Swordfish Pendant:
Don Quixote:
Mindvoice —
Have you ever stood on the shoreline at dawn, the sea salt tingling your face as the waves crash in, the false dawn casting purplish hues across the water, the crisp, clean smell of the tide as it eases up the sand only to pull back and try again… and again? Silver crested seafoam floats over those watery depths, hiding the mysterious life beneath it's gentle, yet playful grasp. Soft and salty. Ever there, and ever not.

Personality —
What a character you've Impressed in Xiphiath! He's the dreamer who longs to be a Knigh Errant, but keeps bumbling his way through. Sometimes you and he will triumph, and other times perhaps things won't go as you expect, but always you'll be together, adventuring.

From the first Xiphiath will be small for a blue, but his heart will far outsize even the largest gold. He'll have a center of absolute idealism, an idealism that may at times drive you mad, or put him in an awkward position. But he'll win through with his ideals intact in the end.

He'll have a hearty appetite, especially for a blue his size, and after a while you may wonder where he's putting all that food because it's obviously not fattening him up any. Maybe part of that is that he prefers fish. Any fish. Lots of fish. Lean, healthy fish. But part of it is also that he's got the metabolism of a stunt devil. He'll charge his reserves of energy for the fastest, fanciest flying you both can manage with all that food. You'll need to stay on top of his oilings as he grows, though, as these growth spurts will lead to cracks and splits in that pale blue hide, and that will never do for fast flying.

Xiphiath loves to fly, yes, and also to swim. Salt water is prefered, but the Weyr lake will do just fine for now. He'll neverask, but if you could find a way to get that Weyr lake stocked with some fish he'lll be wallowing in utter bliss. «You left a surprise for me in the lake? *silence* OH!! Look! Fish!!» He'll probably find some kindred spirits in his clutchsibs for swimming and the Lake, but don't expect Tokeith to join the fun - no amount of persuasion from Xiphiath will change that water-hater's mind. Since he's on the small side, he'll probably gravitate toward his size-mates in the clutch - the fast flying greens, like Kalth or Jereriath.

All in all nothing will please Xiphiath more than making you happy. He lives for your smile, your laugh, and will do all it takes to keep you as completely in love with him as he is with you. You, afterall, are the center of his universe. The world in fact does revolve around you. His world, anyway. So much so that should something in your life make you unhappy it will be as if that tide changed and the sea within him churns… you simply /must/ be happy. He will spend long hours patiently bringing you back to that 'happy place', then once you're doing okay again woe to who or whatever upset you. Surf's up .. they better have life jackets.

You might want to consider lining Xiphiath's sleeping wallow with fabrics that are soft, cool, and slippery. A fabric version of the sea itself, as in silks or satins, will please him to no end. Cool rain and inclement weather also please this dragon - he'll want to be out in it, maybe even fly in it, and it'll be up to you to remind him that not all adventures are so healthy. But whenever it rains, he'll be outside, poised just so with his nose pointed straight at the sky, raindrops drizzling downward and forming a silvery mini-lake underneath that statue of a dragon.

And then there's snow. That one is going to take some explaining on your part as he's just not going to get the frozen water thing. »Why is the water white? And it floats! Is the water flying? What is frozen? I should do what?? Open my mouth and stick out my tongue?? Hey!!«

Maturing — He'll end up on the smaller side of blues, well suited for fancy flying and chasing those quick greens. As he grows, his curiosity and sense of fun will grow, too - but not into a mature regard for the world, oh no. They'll simply *expand*. He'll long to see every inch of Pern, to find wrongs to right, maybe even make up a few (harmless ones, of course) or imagine a couple of wild adventures for you both to enjoy on those long flights. «We're beseiging the fortress. We're rescuing the kidnapped Holder's daugher. We're going to save all the sailors out in this storm!» And sometimes, you will find true adventures in your job. Search and Rescue makes an obvious choice for future work.

Xiphiath's mindvoice will change ever so slightly as he grows. Nothing will be taken away, but more depth will be added as he discovers more about his world. When he's hungry the faint salty taste of fish will bitter your tongue. When he's playful his thoughts will swirl in schools of silver. But when true maturity hits, and flights becomes something more than dragons acting silly in the sky, that's when the low pressure system will roll in over the horizon of your mind. Dark and foreboding clouds will dim your vision and thunder will rumble in your ears, but once Xiphiath rises above those clouds and the chase is on his voice will become all cool, clean, rain-washed air.

Flights —
Flights will be an amazing event for both of you as Xiphiath will want to share it /all/ with you.. every thought, every sight, every single emotion. You'll see the world rushing by, the wind slamming against your face, the rush of adrenline as success looms near. But mostly it will be the blood. You taste it, smell it, and feel the heat.

Even when Xiphiath isn't the one to catch, he'll still be gracious. No hard feelings on his behalf. Ah, but should he win, well then, ever the gentleman he shall linger with the object of his momentary desire. Perhaps even spending the night on her ledge. Afterall it would be unchivalrous to simply love and run, now wouldn't it?

It goes without saying that impressing /any/ dragon will change your life. But impressing Xiphiath will bring you to a whole new level of being. He'll create wonders for you everyday, and carry you through all of life's hardships on those ideals. Your Knight in Shining Armor is here to carry you off into the fun, the joy, and adventure, and the love of the future.

Congratulations, Kryssi! Your life has become all glittering silver and swirling seas. Behold the Champion of your heart.

Sire: Byzanth
Dam: Isabeth
Egg: Skyler
Inspiration: Tr'vn, Zephre

Please note: This Inspiration is by no means set in stone. Feel free to take what you like, leave what you don't, or start from scratch, as you will. Xiphiath is *your* dragon and only you know how to play him best!

Posted July 17, 2003 by Zephre

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