YOLINTH: Description by Arien.
His brightly faceted eyes carry an endlessly inquisitive air, tempered by
the pride and determination of maturity. Yolinth's lean, long-limbed
framewings a touch too large and neck too long, perhaps, for classical
moves with easy grace under a fastidiously kept hide that's
the luminous blue of tropical skies. Silvery overtones shift as do clouds
over his smooth muscles; they grow predominant about his thin wing
membranes, lending them a dramatic look against the deeper, more intense
hue of the rest of his body. Those wings and the sinuous curve of his tail
are nigh-constantly in motion, reflecting his irrepressible, indeed
contagious enthusiasm for life.

Yolinth's inspiration: Written by Arien.

I'm thinking Mercutio here (Romeo and Juliet—he's quickwitted, and died
for honor), plus from the I Ching (The Book of Changes), 'Wind over lake:
the image of inner truth.' His name is from Yolindra, a Matriarch in
_Seeker's Mask_ by P.C.Hodgell. The book's really good, as is the first one
in that world, _God Stalk_, which I recommend you read. I don't remember
anything about Yolindra personally, but the name's gorgeous IMHO. :) A nice
ring to it.
He's exceedingly 'talkative', conversing lots and lots with other dragons,
and firelizards as well, and is never in a 'down' mood for long; his
irrepressible enthusiasm is contagious. He's inquisitive, with a sharp
sense of humor, and everchanging as the clouds except for his deep, deep
love for his weyrmate, as full as the vault of the sky. Oh, and he's a
touch stubborn and protective at times, more than a touch even, and will
stand up to his larger clutchsibs if need be. He's determined, but if
someone balks him, rather than a direct confrontation he'll try and find a
way around it. >:) Still, though, he'll hold his ground if given no other
alternative and if he's doing what he thinks is right.
Physically, he's an odd color; a luminous, tropical sky-blue reflecting
your origins, but with cloudy silver-blue overtones. The wing membranes,
being so thin, are exclusively that silvery-blue shade, and look dramatic
against the rest of his body. He has a lean build, and although each
individual part of him is proportional to itself, his wings are a touch too
large and his neck a trifle too long and sinuous to suit classical
proportions. Once he learns to control those overlarge wings, though, he'll
find them immensely helpful in flying. After he's gotten over his first
hatchling hunger, you might have problems with him not eating enough,
however; he's fastidious and doesn't like to make messes. Although young
dragonets will itch everywhere, particularly notorious spots are at the
base of his neckridges, all down along his spine.
Yolinth has pride in himself in his weyrmate, and shows affection to you in
every expression of his eyes, and the way he seems to orient on you as you
move about, not liking you to be more than his wing's span away.
And as to his mental 'voice': Silver bells, silver bells… and azure blue.

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