S'ren's Timid Tumultuous Bronze Yzmoth
The World is Too Large Egg
Black as night swirled with choking fog, a few points of shimmering light pinprick its velvet. Delicate china encases the bottom. Pearly white, the china dances with soft roses so fragile that they might shatter if tapped or rattled, but the egg promises love and dedication that lasts as long as well kept china.

The World Is Too Large Egg begins to rock once more with a subtle shudder that becomes a more purposeful shaking. As the cracks widen along its surface, movement can be seen inside, until the shell crumbles completely. From wthin the circle of wreakage, a wet bronze dragonet slowly uncurls the thin wings from around his body, the last protection he has from the outside world and takes one hesistant step forward.

Timid Tumultuous Bronze Dragonet
The gleam of light is lost on the matte finish of bronze dragonhide, stretched over a frame of lean muscle. Erratic markings, the calling card of some mad painter, begin at prominent eye ridges and dance upon his back, only to end in a streaking stream of dark gray and black over his slender tail. A shadow of smoky patches down his sides emphasize the reedy nature of his body, masking the power of his wide wings whose sails are decorated with dark swirls of flame's hottest blue.

Impression Message: Like a breeze which slowly gathers strength with the approaching storm, the first gentle touches question before they caress. Abruptly, choice made and action decided, the impact of another awareness encircling yours becomes for this moment dizzying, and as the world fades away in a swirl of vertigo, the haunting sound of pan-pipes fills your mind. » … all for me. You're all mine, aren't you? Mine, mine, mine, mine… . « As the sands rush back into focus, the dark bronze dragonet continues,

My name is Yzmoth! «

Name and Theme
Well, in truth, the name just popped out. We were looking for something completely original, with a bit of an odd letter choice, hence Yzmoth, pronounced Yiz-moe-th. The -moth part of the name, however, does seem to conjure images of a moth, drawn to the flame of you.
You wanted a shy, unassuming, nervous, low self-esteem laden dragon. Well, you've got one. ;-)

First, Yzmoth is chronically indecisive. It's hard for him to decide which straps he'd like to wear, what game to join in on, whether he should bathe first then nap, or nap and then bathe. That's why he needs you: you will help him make all these critical decisions. Often you'll have to prod him into making one. Otherwise he's perfectly content to hem and haw until his decision becomes moot.

Despite this, there are certain decisions that Yzmoth will not only make, he'll make quickly. He knew you were the one for him immediately; similarly, anyone he really likes he will decide he likes within an instant. The reverse holds true as well: if he doesn't like you, it's immediate, and boy, can this dragon hold a grudge.

The other thing in which Yzmoth is quick to decide is whether or not a situation is dangerous. And despite his fear and his doubts, he'll do what needs to be done. Without fail. And although he'll end his exploit shaking and nervous, you'll never be ashamed of this dragon. He will always come through in a crisis.

During weyrlinghood, Yzmoth is going to adore all the attention you must give to him every single day, the bathings, the oilings, the enforced closeness of the first month. He'll have no problems with the confinement whatsoever, and in fact, once it comes time to leave the barracks, he'll be just as hesistant to step outside as he was when he hatched. This is no Curious George here; Yzmoth is forever seeking security and safety and new situations rarely lend themselves to that.

Despite his shy demeanor (and he is shy, something that will become apparent once you start interacting with other riding pairs), Yzmoth is not a loner and he doesn't like to feel left out. If the others are playing a game, he'll probably want to join in, but it'll take your encouragement to do so.

But, but … maybe they don't like me. If they don't like me, then … oh, do you think so? Well, if you say so. « He'll probably make friends with a couple of dragons, and these will be his buds, the guys, the only other beings in the world (besides you, of course) with which he feels comfortable. Safety in numbers, right?

The one thing that Yzmoth really isn't fond of is killing. He doesn't like to do it. This might give you a few problems once it's time for the dragons to start feeding themselves. » You want me to /kill/ that? But why can't /you/ do it? « Dragons need to eat, though, and later on in life, they need to blood, and he'll learn to do what is necessary. As a result, he's going to be fastidious about killing and eating. There will only be quick, relatively painless kills and a neat, precise way of eating. In a way, you're quite lucky, since you won't ever have to witness a bloody, gorey mess of a meal.

Yzmoth has a couple of, for lack of a better word, uncouth habits. Like, picking his teeth with a talon after a meal. And occasional flatulence, but of course, that's not his fault and only acts up when he's really nervous. And he'll worry at his left elbow on his forearm with his right forearm claw. Oh, he /knows/ he shouldn't do that, but he just /can't/ help himself, and he's just such a bad dragon for doing so. He knows it, but Selvren still loves him, right? Right? (That entire left forearm, by the way, is his especially itchy spot, the one that needs extra attention.)

Now, despite his low self-esteem, Yzmoth is really quite clever. When he's young, he'll dismiss this a lot and focus on his shortcomings physically. But he'll try to develop his mental abilities as he gets older, as a compensation at first, and then later for its own merits. We think he'll like games of chance, like Selvren, but he'll try to give his lifemate strategy hints at a game of poker. Often, he'll want to rest his chin on your shoulder to see what you're doing, and this habit won't stop even when he's much too big to support comfortably. He'll enjoy books, and scrolls, and Harpers, too. Stories, songs, information—it's all good to him, and eventually, he might ask if Selvren could spend some of those marks he's so interested in to get more for him. » A scroll about Moreta? Oh, that would be such a wonderful addition to my collection, right between the book about healing and the scroll on the types of animals on the Southern Continent… . «

As clever as he is, though, he's just a wee bit absent-minded. His memory, though very good for a dragon, just isn't built to remember names all that well. Oh, yours he'll have down, as well as his best friends, and probably your twin and his lifemate, but … well, everyone else is a bit lacking. Two syllables, and he'll probably remember. Any more, and he'll probably make some sort of contraction. » Davanel? You're sure it's not Danel? Oh, okay. I'll try to remember that. «

He'll have need for constant reassurance, but sometimes instinct, or hormones, will kick in. He'll join in flights (though secretly he doesn't feel himself worthy, especially of gold flights which is why he'll prefer the green variety) because he is compelled to, but he's not going to win very often. In fact, when he does, it'll probably be an accident of some kind. » I … caught? Wait, I /caught/?! I /caught/! «

Yzmoth is a really lean dragon, like a long distance runner. They look incredibly skinny, but they're all muscle, and they're fast and have a lot more stamina than they seem to have. He'll not falter in a flight because of weakness of body, more likely a weakness of spirit.

He's also clumsy on the ground, like his sire Ranjith, with a tendency to trip over his tail, his lifemate, a pebble, just about anything. To counter that, he'll move fairly well in water, and almost effortlessly in the air. He really is a creature of the air after all, and not suited to the ground. His first flight will be a revelation for you both, and you'll have to remind him when he's young that it's time to rest after a flight lesson. More likely than not, he'll claim he's not tired until he's about to collapse.

His hide will also tend to be bit itchier and flakier than other dragons', requiring more oilings than the usual dragon. But that just means more together time, right? And he'll always love the attention and never complain that he has to stand still for this.

His voice is basically that of a set of panpipes, in a high sort of tone. Their echoing, haunting tone characterizes his voice perfectly but can make for some trying times when he gets upset and his high voice soars even higher. Rarely is he anything lower than a soprano, although he can get alto-ish with depression, or sleepiness.

As with his body, he tends towards darker colors in his thoughts. Deep blues for excitement, contrasting with burgundy for apprehension. Attraction is signaled by forest green, and anger or frustration with deep greys. It's the cool of a lavender, though, that shows him to be content and at ease.

The smell that seems to cling to his very being is that of, strangely enough, citrus. Like a tangy lime, he'll tickle your nose far before you'll see him. Which gives him another obvious disadvantage in a game of hide and seek. ;-)

Sire: Ranjith
Dam: Vyath
Egg: Keryn
Inspiration: Adara, Gr'ym, Miafah, Zephre

Note: Please pretend this inspiration was made with plasticine — you can always squish it into some other shape at will! You, and only you, know how to play your lifemate best.

Updated July 16, 2003 by Zephre

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