Inspiration: Zavinth!
Lynda's Washed-Out Funkadelic Blue Dragonet in Barbara Allen Egg

Barbara Allen Egg
A scarlet town bursts from this egg's bumpy bottom: reds and browns
collide in a cacaphony of hard-hearted, unforgiving color. A single green
line, rose-stem straight, etches along one face, while jagged stems
suggest a bramble across the way. Ochre fades to earth, save for one
bright spot, where the bramble and rose meet and intertwine.

Why this egg? You named it as favorite, saying, 'Theres an aura of
dangerous beauty about it. You just want to go touch it, but you know
better than to approach it the wrong way'. That's Zavinth, too, with his
not-so-easy nature — thorny in places, and with some rough bits, but
harboring within himself a certain fitness and rightness, and the ability
to truly blossom. He's the way he is, is all, and proud of it, as you are
proud for him, and of him.

Barbara Allen Egg lowers its stony defenses at last as those brambly
thorns — or are they talons? — rend and r-i-i-i-p and its lone prisoner
busts out into the fresh, /free/ air of the hatching grounds.

Washed-out Funkadelic Blue Dragonet
Loose-jointed limbs and a mouthful of attitude make up this big-pawed
blue, thin and knobby-kneed as he is. Sandwashed denim hue suffuses him
with comfort as smoothly casual as the curl of brass-studded talons,
varying paler in wings' bleached-blue stretch, deeper in the indigo of
narrow withers' scrunch and bony haunches' jut; he seems to sway even
when still, and playful rebellion grooves in those soulful eyes.

Hap slappin bass— smack pattin' at the strings. A funky trip through a
rift in your mind. Comfortable, devious, shrouded in washed-out faded
blue — another mind wraps possessively around yours. It takes you
/there/ and back, showing you a shared existence that has no end. You and
me — me and you.. A life of music, and a love like you never knew.
Smooth as glistening silk, but rough around the edges like a coarse rock
— Passionate, /insistent/, sexy; a voice comes to you in a blurry haze,

» My name is Zavinth! «

Name: It sounded to us like the way he'll move and speak: smooth, loose,
with a little swing in his stride and a little jive in his talk — Zavinth.


As dragons go, he's not really so huge, being blue, but as blue
dragons go, he's big enough. Not fat, though; it's his extremities that
stand out — those big paws with their brassy talons, those angular
shoulders, his outsized haunches. All that contributes to the jaunty way
he moves. When he walks, he struts with a loose-necked, loose-limbed gait;
when he flies, he's /dancin'/. And his sense of rhythm is impeccable, if
not necessarily traditional. His very heart beats a funky bass line.

And he's just blue, not green-blue or purply blue. Blue-jean
blue is Zavinth, that comfortable not-new color that denim gets when its
been washed seventy times. He's got his intensities too, though — his
'seam-lines' are still that dark new color. You can trace it right down
his wingbones and twitchy footbones and along the track of his neckridges.
That's where he itches most, in those dark streaks, but he'll want to be
oiled all over, and often, because it makes him look and feel so /fine/
and smooth.

The hatchling theme for this double-clutch is music, and Zavinth
embodies the wild freedom of funk. What is funk? Funk is strong, earthy,
even low-down and crude. But it is also smooth and liberating, derived
from other musical traditions like jazz, rock, and hot gospel, but not
bound by them. And though it can be loud, funk is characterized by the
compelling rhythms of slap bass, so it can be subversive, too, stealthily
getting under your skin and deep into your psyche. You'll feel him inside
you like that, even when you can't see or hear him.

Zavinth's voice is that of the tenor sax, bluesy and very
vocalized, a brassy woodwind full of passion, insistent, impossible to
ignore. Played well, the sax is sexy with its sweltering blurry notes;
played ineptly, it's a chainsaw with vibrato. It can be brash and even
raunchy (you may have to watch his language), but you can show him how to
modulate those tones. Young and untrained, he'll likely be a bit raw with
his public voice, but with practice, and if you can get him to harmonize
with is clutchmates, he'll be suave and controlled in maturity. Smooth.
His mental voice is much the same, if not as loud, and a little more
reedy. There's a sensitivity there that you, Lynda, can hear because you
alone know how to listen properly.

Like the contrast inherent in his voice, Zavinth's own
personality is full of apparent conflicts. In public he's out there,
pushing his limits, testing the boundaries. He can be a little aggressive
but not for the sake of meanness; he just wants to be going and doing and
not standing around listening to instructions. »Don't talk about it,
let's do it!« In weylinghood this may be a problem; it's up to you to
make sure he learns what he has to know and doesn't get you both in
trouble. Oh, he'd be sorry, but it wouldn't be his fault if the Others
couldn't keep up, would it? Because it's Zavinth&Lynda in his mind, and
everybody else is Other. He can do friendship, he can even do community,
but it has to spread outward from the two of you, nice and slow.

In private, though, with you or, later, with those dragons and few
people he trusts, he can relax and just be. He'll spend hours in a meadow
just watching the clouds blow by, or chatting with you about one or two of
them, or maybe about Chyenth's new straps or Evaine's latest news — or
that new tune the harper played at last night's dance. For yes, he loves
music as much as you do (after all, Gyrfath is musical), but the two of
you won't necessarily have the same musical tastes. And he'll be stubborn
about what he likes, and what he believes, and try to get you to believe
it too.

—And he has a devious streak. You can trust him to tell you true,
but only if you ask the right questions. ("Zavinth, /why/ is one of the
strings broken on my gitar?" »Is one of your strings broken?« "Yes.
See?" »Oh. Well.« *Contemplates talons….* Ryuth visited the other day,
did you know? And /he/ says Tarin's been…..« ) He gossips, too. Avidly.
And he occasionally tattles, sometimes about other dragons, sometimes
even about you. Oh, and he has a broad sense of humor, maybe even a little
off-color. That's something else for you to watch.

Funk is marked by a wild ecstacy and exhilaration, and come mating
time, Zavinth soars into flight with exuberant abandon. His innate bass
rhythm serves him well here, as well as that sultry tenor sax passion, and
those wings will fling him through the ritual with a fierce joy of motion.
Catching is soul-satisfying, but the chase itself will engender a release
that's almost physical.

For physical he is, always, even at rest, even at peace. He loves
to touch. He'll rub-rub-rub against that big rock, frankly sharing his
pleasure, and oh, would you get that one itchy spot, ahhh. Good rider.
He's playful, for all his intensity, and likes to swing that tail, curling
it around you, around /things/, nearly prehensile (Funky-Monkey!). Those
big feet will take some growing into, but they're great for digging and
scratching and getting him where he needs to go until his wings are strong
enough to fly.

He loves to touch, and he's intrigued by smell, especially
new-plowed soil or salty seawater. And you. He'll like you best when
you're a little salty, maybe a little sweaty, and will protest if you use
too much floral or spice in your perfume. He'll like organic, natural
smells and flavors. His eating will reflect that, too. There's nothing
refined about the way he eats. He'll be messy, killing maybe two beasts
together instead of one at a time so he can mingle the flavors. Think of
it as putting catsup on a really rare steak.

It's the contrasts that make him so unique: that public bravado
coupled with a personal vulnerability (that reed!); that raw humor
contrasted with a sensitive understanding of your needs and emotions; that
frustration with limits and boundaries offset by the smooth satisfaction
you both get when things work the way they're supposed to and everything
/jives/. That's the way it will be with you and Zavinth, Lynda. Together
you'll be free.

Dam: Gyrfath
Sire: Cyrenth

Egg Desc: Fiona
Dragonet Desc: Toria, Saffron, Arien, B'nal
Dragon Name: Toria, Saffron
Inspiration: Toria, B'nal, Arien

We realize that you are the one who knows your character best, who
knows what might mesh and what you'd particularly like to play. We've
constructed this dragon with what we thought you'd especially like, and
what we were 'inspired' by through our interactions with you. Please,
though, don't feel limited by what we've given you, or that you have to
follow it — you'll no doubt find your own niche, and as you play Zavinth,
he will surely surprise you … and us! :D

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