Perilous Eucalyptus-Bronze Zhanth in Incised Bone Egg
Untempered, he; this young dragon carries his rawboned, even gaunt, frame with a certain sense of dramatics, buoyed by a wildly curious nature. Water rather than fire for all the awkward gawkiness of those long limbs, he's hued a rich, deep browny-bronze shade: dark in the crevices, highlighted with a tinge of gold along his spine and the leading edges of his broad wings. His whirling eyes demand attention, flaring with unsought heat as he seeks the subtleties that at first appear to escape his own outlandish confidence.

Name: Zhanth, pronounced with a short a, more like an ahhhhh; Zhahnth. You'd listed Zhenth as a name you liked, enjoying Zh* and one-syllables, and we liked this version an awful lot. :) It involves the mouth without being harsh.

Physical Description: I was thinking of the Morning Star. I didn't want something that was too like the one you'd desced; Zhanth is his own person. He was in the Incised Bone Egg for that … vaguely morbid, dark sense, though. :) You like brown, the hue; he's a browny-bronze, shading darker underneath his neck and in the curve of his flank, as if the shadows were emphasized in his coloration; his talons are likewise dark. Gold highlights his spine and the leading edges of his broad wings. He's long-limbed like his dam, with a wide wingspan, and as such is rawboned at first, even gaunt, and awkward; it'll take him some time to grow into that, and perhaps eventually discover a certain showy elegance. Well, he /is/ showy already. Oh, and he gets itchy right around his ribs, and heaves long sighs when it's appropriately rubbed; one could also gently stroke the curve about his nostrils, which would feel really wonderful. Extravagant, with a clean pungency to the spice-musk of his hide. His mental
'voice' sounds more like a low-pitched saxophone than a trumpet, resonant, velvety rather than clarion; his physical voice will grow into that.

Personality: Zhanth is wild, untempered, hard to control when he's interested in something and never mind what Jedano says; this will balance so-reserved Jedano's need for control and hopefully embarrass the character mightily. Still, it has a focus; he's a showman, with a sense of dramatics that might get him into trouble but also overrides simple wilfulness. He's persuasive, inquiring and playful too, like Ashtoreth's inspiration but darker in tone. Water rather than fire, for all his heat. Morning star. :) He /claims/ you, and is possessive of you with regards to the other dragonets, although he greatly enjoys playing with his clutchmates; it's just /Jedano/ that he wants to make sure is taken care of.

Credits: Arien did both egg and hatchling.

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